Sherman's Food Adventures: Cheeseboard Pizza

Cheeseboard Pizza

The other night, Cable Car Guy and I were a bit hungry before meeting up with Azee for dinner at Chez Panisse. We intended to pay a visit to Cheeseboard Pizza; but it was closed on Mondays. Mind you, we were also considering grabbing some hot dogs from Top Dog too! Disappointed, but undeterred, I talked Sal into going there immediately after a fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty. Not being really all that hungry, it was more of a curiosity visit than anything. Naturally, the store wasn't open so early; yet The Cheeseboard next door was open, Over there, you can buy cheese and baked goods. Furthermore, the daily pizza is available for purchase as well. Today, the pizza was Broccolini, Red Onions, Canadian Cheddar, Mozzarella, Garlic Olive Oil and Gremolata. There was an option to buy a whole pizza or one-half. I picked up the half while Sal picked up some Corn Scones.

I was skeptical of the scone; but one bite into the crunchy cornmeal combined with sweet cherries and I was sold. With a baked sugary top, the scone was sweet and a touch of savory at the same time. There were lots of textures and flavours at work here. I was only going to have a taste; but ended up eating half. It really didn't leave much room for the pizza; however, I needed to try it, right? Too bad the pizza wasn't exactly hot; but it was very tasty. Unlike most run of the mill pizzas, this one had lots of different flavours. The gremolata provided the added kick of flavour. I love garlic and the double-dose of garlic oil and garlic in the gremolata made the pizza very tasty, despite the absence of meat. I also liked the thin crust. Not exactly New York-style, the crust was a chewy and not soggy. Not the best pizza I've had; yet it was satisfying.

In addition to the corn scone, there are many more other baked goods available. It's too bad I didn't get to try all of them. After all, I just had visited Bakesale Betty and had pizza too. Believe it or not, we were on our way to Sol Food in San Rafael next. This must be a new achievement, fried chicken sandwich and pizza, scone and Puerto Rican food, all before 11:30am.

The Good:

- Great tasting pizza with a great crust
- A nice selection of baked goods and cheeses next door
- Reasonably priced

The Bad:
- Only one type of pizza per day

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