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Honestly, I haven't been to Ricky's since my age was in single digits. No joke! After all, why would I? I never really had that much of an impression about the food anyways. However, today was the day to return and try out their breakfast. In terms of their other food, I haven't really heard great things, although their breakfast gets some positive remarks. So for comparison purposes, we made it over to the Scottsdale Ricky's to investigate. You know what the good thing about chain restaurants is? Predictability. I swear the decor has not changed very much since I last visited. Also, you know it's a family restaurant when there are no servers prancing around in barely-there outfits. In fact, our server was probably pushing 70. No matter, she was sweet as honey and took care of us.

Perusing the menu, I quickly notice that most items are roughly around the $10.00 mark. That's not bad. I decided to get the Eggs Benedict and to my disappointment, the eggs were cooked in a mold. Despite the perfectly domed shape, the egg whites and yolk were a bit overcooked. I did ask for medium; but it was more like well-done. The Hollandaise sauce was a bit bland, neither exhibiting tart or buttery qualities. There was ham rather than Canadian back bacon which was another disappointment. At this point, you might thing I hated my breakfast; but that really wasn't the case. I was a bit indifferent since it wasn't disgusting; yet it wasn't great either. Other dishes included 2 omelets. Big German Guy had the Portobello Mushroom & 3 Cheese Omelet. Overloaded with portobello and button mushrooms, the omelet was very cheesy. Definitely a hearty breakfast. Not bad; however the eggs looked a bit overdone.

Waffle Guy had The Works Omelet which consisted of Ham, Portobello and button mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and 3 cheeses, topped with a slice of bacon. As you can see in the picture, they were not shy about loading up on the filling and toppings. You might also notice that the egg is overdone here too. I'm sure some people like their omelets this way; but I like my eggs fluffy, not crunchy. Also, I wasn't a big fan of the hash browns. It's probably due to a personal bias against the shoestring type; but they were a not crispy on the outside and too soft on the inside. If we look at the last picture, you can see that the scrambled eggs resembled spatzle. Not a good thing.

The breakfast wasn't horrible by any stretch of the imagination. Yet, it wasn't that great either. Although, we did enjoy the friendly service and the homey atmosphere. Value-wise, there is not much to complain about. The prices and portion size were very reasonable. Mind you, if you are near Amelia in New West, you can get an equally good breakfast for spare change.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Friendly service
- Predictable

The Bad:
- Average food
- Interior needs an update

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trisha said...

heh... the first time i read this, i thought you wrote that the eggs were moldy. then i thought... wow... he kept eating... such dedication!:P then i read it again and realized what you meant.

Sherman Chan said...

You know what, I have experienced mold in a previous food adventure @ Taverna Gorgona!

trisha said...

wow, i went back and read that entry. that's unbelievable! what an unfortunate thing to remember a restaurant for...

Anonymous said...

Please note that Taverna Gorgona is under new management effective December 1, 2009.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks for the info! Not sure why it's posted here under Ricky's though...

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