Sherman's Food Adventures: Millbrae Pancake House

Millbrae Pancake House

With my flight back to Vancouver scheduled for 1:09pm today, there was enough time to squeeze one last meal. Originally, I was planning on doing some Dim Sum in Millbrae at Zen Pennisula since I've been there before and it was also recommended by Foodnut. However, it wasn't going to be open until 11:00am. I'm a fast eater; but that would've been tight for me to make my flight. Yes, even some things take precedent over food! Finally, after some research on Urbanspoon and Yelp, Cable Car Guy and I figured that the Millbrae Pancake House was my best option. It is close to SFO and apparently it's pretty darn good. Too bad CCR couldn't join AZee and I today for breakfast since he had to work. He was neither a Federal employee or worked at a bank to enjoy the day off on Veteran's Day.

As mentioned on the online reviews, there was a wait for a table. Fortunately it was only a wait of 5 minutes. I ended up ordering the Ham & Cheese Omelet with a side of Swedish Pancakes. These pancakes are a bit similar to Dutch Pannekoeks. Enhancing them is a good helping of Lingonberry Butter. Not as filling as a regular pancake, these ones were easy to eat and the sweet lingonberry combined with the goodness of butter was the icing on the cake (so to speak). My omelet was packed with with ham and cheese. I was barely able to finish it. AZee and I had differing opinions on the hash browns. She likes the crispy shoestring type you'd find at IHOP, while I personally liked the ones here. It resembled more of a pan fried potato cake than hash browns. With a crunchy exterior and an almost mash potato interior, these were good in my books. A truly satisfying breakfast before my flight for a reasonable price.

The Good:
- Reasonable prices
- Good portions
- Great Swedish pancakes

The Bad:
- Pretty busy, lineups are common (esp. on weekends)
- Pretty noisy (if you care about that)

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Anonymous said...

I'm a regular at Millbrae Pancake House and I find it really rude that you are making fun of that waitress....she is a lesbian, if you couldn't tell by her haircut. Pretty inconsiderate of you to talk shit about someone on the internet that you don't even know.

Sherman Chan said...

That's true... I thought about it when I posted it. I'll just remove it. Sorry.

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