Sherman's Food Adventures: 2001 Flavours Pizza

2001 Flavours Pizza

I finally made it out to 2001 Flavours Pizza. Normally, I'm not in downtown and I took the opportunity that we were nearby to pay it a visit. Honestly, we were not hungry after 4 tacos each from La Taqueria. But I had promised Kim (I'm Only Here for the Food!) that I was going to try it and compare it with my personal favourite: Uncle Fatih's. Luckily for me, Vandelay tagged along since I did not have any cash on me. He seems to always have cash on him, I guess his money management is a lot better than mine.

The place was rather busy when we arrived; but I was still able to snag a window seat. Mind you, with windows on 2 sides of the restaurant, lighting was not going to be an issue. For once, it could be too much light! To give the place a fair shake, we decided to go for the 2 special pizzas rather than the regular choices. We got one each of the Spinach, Artichoke, Sundried Tomatoes & Feta Cheese and the Black Forest Ham, Tomatoes & Swiss Cheese. My first impressions were that the slices are not devoid of toppings. In fact, the pizza slices were a bit heavy. The crust itself was thin and not oily at all.

We both agreed that the ham pizza was better, partly because we are not vegetarians. The salty ham gave the pizza more of a robust flavour. However, the spinach pizza was overloaded with toppings to the point where you couldn't fold it. I'm sure someone else would like it, we just didn't prefer it. We liked the dry, thin crust; but it was a bit too chewy for us. We'd prefer if it had a bit more give. Of course after trying Ah-Beetz, I am a bit biased. On the note of being biased, I still prefer the crispy light crust from Uncle Fatih's. With that being said, the pizza here at 2001 is still pretty solid in my books.

The Good:
- Ample toppings
- Crust is thin and not oily
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Gets a bit busy during lunch hours
- With the large amount of toppings, it gets a bit messy

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Kevin said...

You had tacos, sandwich, and then pizza?

What the hell?!

Sherman Chan said...

I'm an eating machine... Well at least that's what my friends call me...

KimHo said...

I feel redeemed and vindicated... :)

Sherman Chan said...

I'm glad that I made your day... LOL...

Anita said... IT person calls me the vacuum cleaner! But I certainly can't eat as much as you Sherman!

trisha said...

back in my bike courier days i passed this place all the time but never stopped for a bite. what was i thinking? with all the exercise i was getting i would not have even felt guilty!

Sherman Chan said...

Trisha, when eating good food, there is no guilt!

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