Sherman's Food Adventures: ABC Country Restaurant

ABC Country Restaurant

*This location is now closed*

ABC??? Has hell frozen over? Has Kawawa suddenly transformed into the second coming of Tojo's? Is it now safe to drive in Richmond??? Hang on, this is not a misprint, typo or cruel practical joke. I did indeed eat at ABC Country Restaurant today. My opinions about the place are pretty much biased. From the countless times I've been to ABC in the past, it has failed to impress me one bit. Could it be that I'm not that enamored with food that can be generally replicated at home? Could it be that most people can do better? I'm not implying that I expect gourmet food here, I just want food that doesn't like look like somebody's leftovers.

I really wasn't intending on dining at ABC; but I said something to Pomegranate that made me feel guilty. I basically said that ABC sucked *ss. Well, he went on to say that his late father loved the place, especially the dinner menu. *Sigh* What was I supposed to do? Go for breakfast at ABC I guess... At least I didn't have to suffer though lunch nor dinner. You'll find that I seem to order Eggs Benny quite often for breakfast. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of it; rather, I find that it is a dish that can demonstrate kitchen execution. This time around, the eggs were perfectly cooked despite the obvious mold they were made in. The Hollandaise was a good consistency; yet I didn't seem to taste anything. For some reason, it wasn't buttery or lemony. I was disappointed that they used smoked ham in place of Canadian back bacon.

Blondie had the French Toast with eggs & bacon. A pretty standard version where the eggs were nicely over-easy. Bacon was crisp and toast soft, not much to complain about here. Ma had the Bacon and Eggs. The eggs were a perfect sunny side up and the bacon crisp once again. The country potatoes were alright. I'd prefer if they were a bit more on the crispy side, much like the ones at Denny's.

Yah, I'll admit it. The breakfast here at ABC was decent and inexpensive. However, I must say that I've been to ABC countless times in the past and their lunch/dinner items lean more towards home cooking. And when I mean home cooking, it's home cooking from the 80's. I know there is a market for this type of restaurant, especially with families and older customers; yet, it's not something I would frequent when there are so many other choices around.

The Good:
- Service is friendly
- It's reasonably priced
- Breakfast is decent

The Bad:
- Lunch/Dinner meals were good... in the 80's
- Not much in the way of creativity when it comes to the food

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holly said...

To me, ABC is almost as scary as Knight and Day. They do have a redeeming feature though, their Sunday buffet is ok.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Holly, it is indeed scary food. In fact, I don't even like the buffet. Some really sad items...

Anson said...

I've never been to ABC other than breakfast. It's funny, my impression of the restaurant is not as skewed as yours.

So it's just bad dinners. I could live with that.

Sherman Chan said...

Agreed, breakfast wasn't half bad. Dinner is sorta like Knight & Day.

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