Sherman's Food Adventures: Foodbuzz Farewell Breakfast @ Lulu

Foodbuzz Farewell Breakfast @ Lulu

Talk about hardcore. With all that eating over the past couple of days, there was one last food opportunity this morning at the farewell breakfast at Lulu. It reminds me of every cruise we've been on. Wake up extra early on the day of debarkation to squeeze in one last breakfast. It's basically eating for the sake of eating. Therefore, the die hard foodies made the short trek to Lulu on Folsom for a buffet breakfast which included a "make-your-own Bloody Mary" bar provided by Skyy Vodka. Um... I was grateful for the gesture; but again, I wasn't in the mood for booze at 9:30am in the morning. Just like me, many other bloggers were scoping out the buffet table and taking photos of the food.

Once we had gotten our picture fetishes out of the way, it was time to eat! I grabbed a little of everything except for the bacon. Wait... NO BACON??? Trust me, that wasn't intentional; rather, the bacon was not ready when I got my food. By the time I was finished my plate, I was a bit full and left baconless. The breakfast was prepared by Lulu with bread supplied by Nature's Pride. I originally didn't try any of the bread at the tasting pavilion since there was so many other products to try. Again, my inner Asian prevented my consumption of unnecessary carbohydrates when there was seafood, meat and booze available. As it were, on the last day I was able to sample Nature's Pride in the Croque Monsieur. Honestly, it was only okay. The bread was pretty good, but the entire thing seemed a bit lifeless, maybe more cheese and ham would've helped? Maybe because it wasn't hot anymore since it was sitting there in a buffet line. I did really like the Fritata though, it was actually light and fluffy.

To get a bit of greens into my diet, I decided to sample some of the Pear, Frisee, Walnut, Blue Cheese and Champagne Vinaigrette Salad. I thought it was both refreshing and a nice blend of flavours. The aromatic taste of pears combined with the boldness of blue cheese and the texture contrast of the walnuts encouraged me to eat more of it! I didn't get to try the French toast nor the Panzanella salad since I was really not all that hungry. In all honesty, I was saving my appetite for lunch since my other cousins were picking me up once I checked out of my hotel.

While at the breakfast, I got to connect again with Spinach Tiger, who I met at the welcome party. Funny how I met for the first time at our last Foodbuzz event, Lindsey Meyer. She's a passionate foodie who lives in the Bay Area and we had a nice chat about food (naturally). Lucky for her that she didn't have to go far! I could go on and on about the great people I met at the festival. There are so many people who share the same passion I do and blog about it! I had a blast and ate lots. Thanks again to Foodbuzz for putting on such a great event! Looking forward to next year!


Anita said...

Aahh!! Sherman, now you give me a good reason to go to San Fran. I definitely want to go to this event in the future and check out the area. Better get started on mine... hahaha

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, better get on that!!!

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