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I gotta admit that I'm not really a big ice cream fan. I much prefer gelato. For those who don't know the difference, gelato does not use cream, it uses milk. The creaminess is achieved by introducing air in the mixing process. However, it seems like the top frozen treat places in the Bay Area are ice cream shops. After reading some online reviews, it seemed like Mitchell's Ice Cream was a solid place to go for a frozen treat. Therefore, Cable Car Guy and AZee were good sports and accompanied me for some more eating. To me at least, from the first impression, the place looked like any other ice cream shop. Nothing really stood out despite the decent selection of flavours. The place seem to have a constant stream of customers while we were there.

Looking around at the colourful display, Jackfruit caught my attention, Cable Car Guy went for Avocado and AZee chose the Pistachio. After we got our cups of ice cream, I decided to pose mine on top of the display. Then AZee suggested I put her cup of pistachio ice cream right next to the name tag on the display case. Sounding like a great idea, I proceeded to do so. Later, CCG informed me that some of the other patrons were confused as to what I was doing. Meh, I won't see these people ever again, there is no shame in what I do.

Digging into my ice cream, I almost broke the spoon. It was so thick and dense, Joey Tribbiani has nothing on this ice cream. Generally, the thicker the ice cream (without the use of thickeners), the more fat content. In terms of texture, this is a quality ice cream. Taste-wise, it fell flat. Despite the vibrant colour, I could barely taste anything other than sugar. The same could be said for CCG's avocado ice cream. It had a nice green colour; but no real discernible taste (mind you, avocado is quite mild in flavour to begin with). While our ice cream was a bit disappointing, AZee's pistachio was a real winner. Hidden within the thick ice cream lay big crunchy pieces of pistachio. Yet, if there is only 1 of 3 flavours that are considered good; unfortunately, that is not good enough. This is probably a result of high expectations and mediocre results.

The Good:
- It's really thick
- Reasonably priced
- Decent selection of flavours

The Bad:
- Weak in the flavour department
- Nowhere to sit

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KimHo said...

This sorts of reminds me of a certain ice cream shop in Vancouver (*) where its only quality is that it has tons of flavours. Execution-wise? An epic fail...

(Not named but you can pretty much infer which one that is!)

Sherman Chan said...

Yup, you're right about that Kim and I feel a bit guilty not liking it since most people seem to! But it wasn't that great, so I'm being honest. Watch how I will get blasted for this, much like my Salumi post...

KimHo said...

No need to feel guilty. If it is bad, well, you are being honest. At least we both agree on this one!

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, at least you understand. Some people are influenced by the "popularity" of a restaurant. Hype doesn't necessarily mean good food.

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