Sherman's Food Adventures: Bee Kim Heng

Bee Kim Heng

A long time ago, in a city that never stops raining (guess which place I'm talking about?), I would visit this small store on Main near Broadway for some really good and fresh Singaporean-
style jerky. Unfortunately, this store and the others on the same block met an untimely fate due to a raging inferno. It's with great irony that just recently, the block across the street went up in flames too. I know this is a bit sick; but maybe it's a sign that a BBQ joint should open up in this area. So again, what's up with this beef and pork jerky? Well, the way they prepare it is by cooking it over a BBQ-type grill. The meat itself is
marinated in soy, sugar and spices. What you get is a nice smoky, rich tasting jerky. Moreover, it's quite fresh. They don't package it until you order it. Unlike the prepackaged jerky you'd find in stores, you can get as much or little as you want.

This place I speak of is Bee Kim Heng. Roughly 10 years ago, they relocated to it's current location on Fraser near King Edward. On my way back from Shiro, I decided to stop by and grab some beef jerky. No idea why I did this, it was a bit random. I guess you could call it a "knee-jerk reaction" or a "Jerky Call" (yikes, that sounds disgusting!). I gotta say that the store is quite basic, with a grill in the front and a counter with a till. Hey, it doesn't really matter if you're just in for some "quick jerky". Alright, I'll stop it with the jerky jokes! I just can't help it. Anyways, the jerky itself may not be the softest; but it's not particularly hard either. In fact, it's moist, sugary and most of all, not stale tasting. If you are a jerky fan, give it a try. It's probably some of the best jerky a person can enjoy by themselves! *snicker*

The Good:
- Freshly-made jerky
- Get as much or little as you want
- Flavourful, moist and delicious

The Bad:
- A bit too sweet for some people

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holly said...

Too bad this place isn't close to a large mall, night market or tourist area. This stuff is delicious and just right to snack on. However, the price is expensive at $20 a pound.

Also, it's kind of out of the way to drive for just a few pieces. Still, I would recommend that everyone try it at least once as it is the most flavourful and tasty jerky around.

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, that's why I don't visit them very often. Kinda of a random location. Yes, it is pricey. But pretty darn good stuff!

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