Sherman's Food Adventures: Bi-Rite


Even since Sal knew I was coming down for a visit, she has been raving about Bi-Rite. At first, it sounded like a pharmacy and it left me wondering why she would be so excited about prescription drugs. Well... Maybe I don't know her as well as I thought I did! In actuality, Bi-Rite is a small ice cream shop just down the block from Tartine. After our dinner at Chapeau! tonight, Sal had planned that we would all visit Bi-Rite. She's almost sounding a bit like me, as in "coercing" people in visiting a place of her choosing. Rice-a-Ronnie had no choice since Sal was giving her a lift. Cable Car Guy and AZee was my ride and I had promised to go to Bi-Rite. Thus, we all had to go!

Finding parking was quite the exercise. Round and around we went without a space in sight. Finally we spotted one and CCR did a nice U-turn to snag the space. While walking up the block, we noticed that Sal was attempting to park in a spot. Watching her try to park was equally amusing and painful. Even a bystander couldn't take it anymore and yelled out some instructions. Further perpetuating the Asian stereotype, she finally finished parking after 8 minutes. Fortunately for us, it was a cool night and there was no lineup at Bi-Rite. Apparently, when it's warm, you'd be waiting for quite awhile.

Sal picked a very peculiarly flavour - Honey Lavender. She kept swearing that it was the best flavour in the entire world! Uh, we'll see about that! One taste and... pitooey... No thanks! Tasted like soap to me. And believe me, I've tasted soap. Not intentionally; but I have. Me not likey. That goes the same for CCR, AZee and Rice-a-Ronnie. However, I did like the Salted Caramel as seen in the picture. The salt only helped heighten the sweet creamy caramel. Honey Lavender aside, the ice cream here was creamy and had much more flavour than Mitchell's. I liked the consistency of the ice cream where it was creamy without being thick. Pretty good ice cream except for the soap.

The Good:
- Interesting flavours
- Nice and creamy
- Reasonably-priced

The Bad:
- Interesting flavours
- Small store - you pay, get ice cream and leave

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trisha said...

ooh... i see roasted banana flavour in one picture. yum!!

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, there are some real interesting flavours. I will try again next time. No lavender thanks...

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