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Kyoto Sushi

When something is said to be "Best in...", it almost results in the kiss of death. People go in with high expectations and inevitably will be disappointed. So when I heard that Kyoto Sushi happens to be one of the best in Surrey, I was quite skeptical. Mind you, expectations should be tempered as you move farther away from Vancouver. Usually, the best of the GVRD are typically found in Vancouver; but there are the occasional gems that buck the trend (ie. Ah-Beetz). So, the last time I attempted to try Kyoto Sushi, I ended up at Tokyo Ken's since I was unwilling to make a U-turn. Well, I should've made that U-turn because Tokyo Ken was a bit underwhelming. I still ended up heading into the parking lot of Tokyo Ken's to do my U-turn because if I did on the actual street, it would've been right in front of the police station. I'm assuming that would have not been a smart move.

I was the first customer to arrive and hogged a prime seat at the window as usual. I originally planned to use the Entertainment coupon which stated that "for those who prefer 25% off any sushi or sashimi or combination dinner". From my understanding, that should be usable even for a single diner. Apparently not. I was too much in a rush to argue about it and accepted their explanation (which was it only applies for 2 people). Anyways, I did end up getting a dinner box which consisted of tempura, dynamite roll, chicken teriyaki and 4pcs nigiri. I tried the tempura first before it cooled down. It was very crispy and fried perfectly. Not oily at all, I really enjoyed it. The nigiri was also quite good. In addition to the 2 pieces of salmon, I was suprised to get toro (tuna belly). Both were quite fresh devoid of mushiness or fishiness. The sushi rice was decent as well being firm while not being dry.

While most of the Dynamite Roll was good, such as the rice and the crispy double prawn tempura, the avocado was terrible. Mushy, practically disintegrating on its own, they should have not used it at all. Despite everything good about the roll, it was destroyed by the bad avocado. One surprising part of the box was the Gyoza. Not only did it exhibit good colour due to the pan-frying, it was fluffy and juicy. Yes, it was juicy. Normally only reserved for Xiao Long Baos, the hot juice from the tasty gyozas was a treat.

As for the chicken teriyaki, it was pretty much like other one you'd find at most Japanese restaurants. However, with that being said, it was much juicer and larger than the one I had at Tokyo Ken's. As with most places, there was too much sweet teriyaki glaze, it's akin to eating liquid candy. Once again, I have to use the modified gauge or expectations when it comes to Japanese food out of Vancouver. Kyoto is decent given it's location.

The Good:
- Food is decent
- Service is friendly
- Reasonably priced

The Bad:
- A bit difficult to get to unless you're traveling East on 72nd
- Confusion with the Entertainment coupon

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shokutsu said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much you manage to get around to such diverse areas in and around Vancouver. The mileage on your car must be killer. :)

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, mileage is getting up there... Dunno, I guess I want variety?

Drew said...

Sherman... Thank you for all the great tips. I work in the Newton area of surrey (yes, unfortunate). I will for sure give this place a try based on your review.

Now a tip form me... How to get to Kyoto Sushi with out a U-turn.

If you are on 72nd turn north on King George and then make your 1st right into the shopping center. Go straight through the shopping center lot and continue through the Cop shop parking lot... make a left on 137th, go 1-block, and then you can make the right on 72nd ...WaLa.

I figured this out over the years trying to get to RBC...You have got to love Surrey.

Again, thanks for all the tips... I check your blog daily.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks for the tip Drew! Although I'm not sure if I'm returning to Kyoto anytime soon. It's alright... I guess... Hehe... Thanks for reading! Hey, at least there are a lot of places to eat in Newton!

Drew said...

Hi Sherman,

One of the Newton places I have enjoyed is Bengali Fish and Curry.
It used to be a taco del it is an odd order at the counter and go into a back room to eat indian restaurant. They have good (and fast) lunch specials, they can be bigger but they are tasty.

What is your best Newton recommendation? In review of your blog there are a few on scott road I have yet to try (1st on my list is Taste of Singapore) .


Sherman Chan said...

Ooooh, thanks for the info, I'll definitely try that! Keep them coming if you got more! Um, my favourite in the Newton, Scott Road area? I like Green Lettuce personally. That's if you like spicy Chinese food. In terms of Indian, I did like Mirch Masala, but that might be too far for you.

trisha said...

i don't think i've ever heard of gyoza described as "fluffy" before... :) hey, that round piece of tempura in the front - was that onion? and it sucks about the coupon, i think they're just being cheap. i've used them alone several times... how tacky of them.

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, the gyoza was a bit different than the ones I've had lately. Fluffy seemed like the appropriate word? Yah, it was an onion. Didn't eat it... I could not understand why they didn't take the coupon. It clearly states 25% off a sashimi order. It doesn't say for 2 ppl.

Unknown said...

btw 72nd travelles east and west!

Sherman Chan said...

Right, east and west! Thanks!

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