Sherman's Food Adventures: Me-n-Ed's Pizza Parlor (Coquitlam)

Me-n-Ed's Pizza Parlor (Coquitlam)

I'm not even sure why I give my son the choice of restaurants. While we were cruising along in the car, I asked him what he wanted to eat and the first thing he comes up with is "pizza". Hey, I have no problem with pizza; but I'm not so inclined to eat it for an early lunch on a Sunday. But he kept insisting that we go eat pizza. Alright, why deny the kid when he normally is excited about food as Indiana Jones is happy to see snakes. Since we were in Coquitlam already, we went to Me-n-Ed's. Another motivation to go there was due to the Entertainment coupon. Honestly, without it, I would probably not even consider going there. Hey, it's not that I don't like the food; rather, I find it a bit expensive for what you get. Personally, I can eat half a large easily. In fact, Viv can eat half a large easily. Wait, thats not too hard to believe. She did finish 4 dozen wings by herself once...

So here we are again... at Me-n-Ed's. We were the only table for the longest time. It figures. I'm sure this is not the most popular place to eat on a Sunday morning. Also, with all the Olympic activities going on, there were not many diners here during lunch. Viv and I decided to share a large pizza with shrimp, capicolla, ham, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, sausage, mushrooms, chicken and anchovies (on my half). Hold on, what's with all those toppings??? Yah, if you did this at most other pizza joints, you'd be looking at a pretty big bill. Yes, the bill at Me-n-Ed's is not light either; but at the very least, any amount of toppings over 4 counts as the same. So pile it on!

If you've never had a pizza here before, the "crust" is what makes it unique. Resembling more like a very large cracker, the crust is crunchy and quite thin. Thus, you could easily eat quite a few slices. I personally like the crust despite its apparent "crispy" spin. And since there is really no side crust, you can eat the whole darn slice without wasting it or dipping it into some ranch dressing. Since my son has as much chance eating anchovies as Lady GaGa wearing something normal, we got the kiddies a mini pizza. Apparently they like the pizza here too and that in itself is another reason I like it...

The Good:
- If you like a really thin, crunchy crust
- Unlimited toppings
- Family friendly

The Bad:
- Expensive
- If you don't like a really thin, crunchy crust

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EatnbeMerry said...

The toppings look generous and the portion big compared to Earls Californian shrimps pizza. Hopefully their 'Middlegate' branch is just as good.

The Olympics crowd were at Coquitlam Ranada where Yu-na KIM is staying. :)

Chris said...

Shouldn't this read;

"Viv and I decided to share a large pizza with the entire kitchen sink"

I can't remember the last time I had a pizza loaded to the nines; makes me want to go create one. What kind of cheese is on the kiddies pie? I only ask, because it has a bit of yellow hue..mix of cheddar/mozza?

Ben and Suanne said...

Whoa. 4 dozen wings sounds like a lot when I only have 4 normally at once. I guess you mean Viv only had the wingette, not the entire wing shoulder+tips which I normally have mine done at home. He he he ... I once ordered Me-N-Eds for a team meeting once and was queried by my boss (in Atlanta) why the pizzas in Vancouver is so expensive. Needless to say, I don't order from Me-n-Eds anymore but they sure are the best because everyone loved them.

Sherman Chan said...

ENBM, the toppings are generous. Believe it or not, even with all those toppings, it's still not that filling. Yup, the Middlegate location is the same,

Really? Yu-Na is in the Ramada??? I wouldn't have guessed she was there!

Chris, the kids had one half pepperoni and one half ham. I do believe it was a mix of cheeses. Each kid likes a different meat. Ah... nice to have picky kids...

Hi Ben and Suanne! Viv had 4 dozen in total counting the wingette and drumette as one piece each. Still impressive considering that I ate 4 dozen and felt stuffed! I like Me-n-Ed's but... so pricey! Agreed!

EnbM said...

Ben said: "I once ordered Me-N-Eds for a team meeting once and was queried by my boss (in Atlanta) why the pizzas in Vancouver is so expensive."

Once an Australasia RD had sushi lunch in Tokyo with a lady colleague from Austin TX, the bill + tips came to USD250. It came back unprocessed with a terse message "impress her with your own wallet".

Sherman Chan said...


trisha said...

LOVE their pizza... mostly because of their salmon pizza. it's ridiculously good and they even include some lemon. while living in north van, i was sad to see that location close. fortunately i moved to a place (abby) where me n' eds lives on. i agree with the price, i go once/year with the e-book coupon. i wish it wasn't so pricey.

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, I went on retro pricing night at the BBY location a while back AND it was still expensive. I wish I had more of those Ent Coupons!

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