Sherman's Food Adventures: Karmony Bakery

Karmony Bakery

While leaving Nancy Wonton House, Viv and I noticed a Chinese bakery a few blocks away. In my mind, I was thinking to myself that we should really try it out. I quickly ask my son if he wanted some buns. He gave me a "yes" and I made an immediate left turn for some impromptu Chinese pastries. Little did I know, Viv had the same thoughts and was quite happy I did so. Nice to see we were both thinking about food. Mind you, I'm always thinking about food, so it's not that much of a stretch. In fact, while my buddies look at women while we're in the car, I'm checking out restaurants... "Hey, check out that the sexy awning of that restaurant!". LOL...

Ironically, I'm not a big fan of bright red and yellow awnings; yet, that was what attracted me to Karmony. I guess there is a rhyme to the reason. On the inside, there is a modest display of buns and pastries. I was in the process of getting some items when Viv suggested we try some of their apple tarts. Well, anytime we get apple tarts, they will inevitably be compared to the ones at New Town. Flaky and crunchy on the top while sweet and tart on the inside, I have to admit that these ones were pretty good.

I also ended up getting some Pineapple Buns and BBQ Pork Pineapple Buns. There is no pineapple whatsoever; but the name is due to the top crust resembling a pineapple. We were pleasantly surprised with the texture of the dough. It was light and quite soft. I only wished they had put more filling, it was sparse and uneven. It did taste pretty good though. Not too sweet while nice and crumbly on top. I gotta say this was a pretty nice find. Definitely better than Maxim's and either equal or better than Pine House (in terms of the pastries, didn't try the cakes).

The Good:
- Reasonably priced
- Soft, slightly chewy dough

The Bad:
- Shop doesn't look at that impressive inside (doesn't matter really)
- Limited selection

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trisha said...

wow, i had to laugh when i read about the reason they're called pineapple buns. i've eaten a few in my time and always thought my tastebuds were dead because i couldn't detect ANY pineapple. it never even occurred to me that the top LOOKS like a pineapple. now i feel stupid!

Sherman Chan said...

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself Trisha. I think it's stupid calling it a pineapple bun when there is no pineapple!

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