Sherman's Food Adventures: Brewster's Pub

Brewster's Pub

Sometimes it seems like the good ol' pub never gets the respect it deserves. Well, think of it. Most people associate a pub as a place to grab a few drinks and possibly order some (mostly fried) items to keep it company. At times, most people don't even give a rat's ass about the food since they are inebriated. In that state of mind, practically anything tastes good, especially food that is in a shade of brown. That probably explains the draw of Denny's in the early morning hours. I have to admit it, I don't give pubs much respect when it comes to my gastronomical decisions. In fact, I'll probably go out of the way to avoid them since many serve prepared food supplied from Sysco.

All of the aforementioned reasons most likely led to my hesitation in trying Brewster's Pub even though I've passed by it countless times. I even avoided it to eat at Lucky Horse nearby. Today, Ma and Bubble Girl joined me for lunch. We were searching for a Japanese restaurant in the Newton area that I had not tried yet. We ended up at Tokyo Sushi Express and seeing how I just ate at the Scott Road location the day before, I was not that interested. However, there was Brewster's Pub nearby and Ma thought it would be a great idea. Fine, I'll try it. Even though I could not have any alcohol since we had to return to work afterwards. That's just plain wrong! It's like going to burger joint and ordering quiche. Wait, Miss Y did that...

I don't know about you; but if I'm at a pub, I'm ordering wings, sans alcohol or not! We decided to share an order of their Salt & Pepper Dry Wings. We were quite happy with the amount of well-seasoned wings for $9.95. Slightly on the dry side (I guess that's fine given they are dry wings), these were quite good. Bubble Girl and Ma both decided to get the Beef Dip. Nuts, I was hoping that they'd get different items. Well, at least Bubble Girl substituted a French Onion Soup for her fries and Ma got onion rings. Nothing mind-blowing about the soup; but as you can see in the picture, it certainly has all of the components such as the crouton and copious amounts of cheese. Bubble Girl said it was pretty good. Now if you check out the picture of the beef dip, you'll notice that it's real roast beef. Not only that, it's a bit on the rarer side too. Now that's what I call a beef dip! Combined with caramelized onions and cheese, this was a satisfying sandwich. Kudos for a well-made beef dip.

For myself, I ordered one of their specials - the Cajun Ribeye Steak with mash potatoes and Caesar Salad for $10.99. A strange choice since I already had steak the night before... Okay, I'm not really sure why there was a big BBQ sauce slick atop the steak since it's a Cajun steak. Whatever, the steak was cooked a perfect medium-rare and was quite tender. I thought the BBQ sauce detracted from the steak itself. The mash potatoes seemed like they were freshly made and were a tad on the dry side, the generic gravy helped in that respect. As for the Caesar Salad, it did the job more or less. Romaine was crisp and not overdressed.

Well, it looks like a random pub adventure turned out to be pretty good. At least for the dishes we tried, they all turned out pretty well and at a reasonable price. Unlike some other pubs, Brewster's is well-maintained and clean. Furthermore, the service we got was efficient and friendly. The only issue was that the table of men beside us were a bit curious as to why I was taking pictures of the food with my massive flash (it's dark inside). Think of it, it's not a usual sight to have someone snapping photos inside a pub...

The Good:
- Good portions
- Decent food
- Reasonably priced

The Bad:
- Don't expect gourmet food
- It's still a pub, so the ambiance is not for everyone

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KimHo said...

I know this might be stereotyping but, given the bad rap of certain parts of Surrey, who knows, they might be wondering if you are taking pictures of them!

But, back to the food, about the chicken wings, one of these days we should do a chicken wings run. On a Sunday, we can do Wings Pub and Grill (I have a post of this place in the queue), House of Wings down the road and, keep driving down to New West, The Thirsty Duck (not sure how good/bad it is). Of course, suggestions to other (nearby?) places would be good as well!

About Sysco, unfortunately, it is one of those necessary evils for some restaurants. A lot of other restaurants can do better, but there are times, they are the only option...

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess you should change the name of your blog to Sherman's Police Adventures

trisha said...

ahh, pub food. it really hits the spot sometimes. i could have used it after writing my last final exam today. every time you post a picture of french onion soup, i die a little inside. love it but don't love the beef broth. sadness!

Sherman Chan said...

There's more pub food in tomorrow's post! LOL...

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