Sherman's Food Adventures: Dick's


Dick's, you gotta love the name. With it's rock bottom prices, freshly made burgers, fries and hand-dipped shakes, it is a Seattle institution. Who wouldn't like to tell all their friends that they got a hand-dipped shake from Dick? Despite my repeated visits to the Emerald City, I have yet to pay a visit to Dick's until now. After spending 2 hours at the Children's Museum at Seattle Center, we were all hungry. Once again, I was not going to eat at the food fair. Although there can be some hidden gems amongst the fast food joints. Of course my son could care less and we attempted to get him a grilled cheese at McD's across the street. No dice. When we asked for a grilled cheese, the cashier gave a look of confusion. A grilled what? Apparently, they don't have it in the states. Even though they have the materials to do so, they couldn't make one for us.

Off we went to Dick's, which was on the other side of Seattle Center, knowing that my son would not eat any of the food (well, possibly the fries). At the front counter, I attempted to ask for a cheeseburger without the meat. The cashier looked at me in confusion. "No, we can't do that, we only do burgers one way here". Arghhh... So I ended up only getting a Deluxe Burger, Fries and a Chocolate Shake to go. Viv still had her half of the Porcetta from Salumi to finish. The burger itself doesn't look like much and it is a tad greasy. Consequently, it's a slightly messy eat despite not being that substantial. I did like the bun, it was soft and held up well to the ingredients. Nothing all that special; yet cheaper than McD's at $2.40.

The fresh cut fries were alright. My order was a bit soggy although they really asserted their potato-ness. Again, it was cheap at $1.40. The shake was creamy in some spots while icy in others. It wasn't exactly that chocolaty being mostly sweet. Once again, I'm not going to complain since it was only $1.90. Although I wasn't all that impressed with the food at Dick's, I must admit is was pretty darn cheap. Nowhere near In-N-Out Burger (none in Washington state anyways), Dick's is a cheap eat which serves as an alternative to McD's, if you're in Seattle that is.

The Good:
- Cheap
- Food is okay
- They keep things simple

The Bad:
- Food is okay
- They keep things simple


Chris said...

Looks like a throw-back kind of place, and a solid homemade burger.

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, it's pretty ol' skool. It was alright for me. Not outstanding, but definitely a good alternative to McD's.

trisha said...

i'm surprised mcd's wouldn't make a grilled cheese. c'mon now. the menu at dick's looks pretty simple but i notice that they charge 5 cents for ketchup. what gives? customer gouging, anyone?

Sherman Chan said...

Yah, but I guess we were asking for something that they don't particularly sell down there, so it's all good I suppose. I didn't notice the charge of ketchup for 5 cents... LOL... Their prices are pretty low, so I guess 5 cents ain't much... maybe...

Kevin said...

Does everyone else not see your little witty remarks or is it just me??

Who wouldn't like to tell all their friends that they got a hand-dipped shake from Dick?

;) haha.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks Kev! But that only means your mind is as twisted as mine... LOL...

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