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The Dogfather

As you know, I love playing hockey, even if it means that I don't get any sleep. However, after 6 games in 8 nights the previous week, I think it may be catching up with me. Late night Brit hockey has started up again since the Olympics are over. We were chatting with the maintenance technician and he said that Team Canada had practiced here. Wow, I might've been sitting in the same seat at Crosby, Luongo or Iginla. That's when Polka King exclaimed that they might've farted in that exact spot. That's a pleasant thought... Anyways, I played like crap tonight. I don't think my body is able to survive playing so many games in so few nights. But with eating as a by-product, it is very hard to resist!

Knowing that I had to play 3 more games in 4 nights after this one, I knew going out to eat at 2:00am on a weekday was not really a good idea. But, but... food... I can't miss that! I had to think of a quick bite to eat. Okay, it struck me that we could just go grab a hot dog. Remembering Kim's post on The Dogfather, we made our way into Downtown. Essentially, a hot dog is a tube of who-knows- what sandwiched between a bun. However, there are 3 major components (bun, wiener and toppings) make or break a tube steak.

Although there are a few choices of dogs here, don't expect to find a "Japadog"- type hot dog. Rather, you'll find only the classics. For me, nothing is more classic than a Chili Dog. When I got the darn thing, it was smokin' hot (temperature-wise). It's quite apparent that there is no absence of toppings, I somehow managed to keep everything in the bun as I finished it off. The dog was pretty decent; but it didn't make me do the "mmm" face. You know, that face. The one that looks like you're having an orgasm eating food. Oh, like the word coined by Kevin - "foodgasm". No, I didn't get one of those. Although it is a interesting thought... foodgasm from eating a sausage... Anyways, Polka King got the Pizza Dog and his thoughts were the same. Decent; but nothing special. He did like the bun though, pillowy soft from being grilled/steamed. But let's be serious here. It's a hot dog joint. It's open late. It is decently-priced. The food doesn't suck. It did the job. End of story.

The Good:
- Big hot dog with lotsa toppings
- Soft bun
- Open late

The Bad:
- Nothing special, they were hot dogs
- Relatively small selection

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KimHo said...

I think you are describing it way better than me: it is what it is...

But, there is now the question for you: no "foodgasm" but no happy ending either?

Sherman Chan said...

Nah, I didn't get mayo... LOL...

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