Sherman's Food Adventures: Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge

After our free meal at the Thirsty Penguin, Emilicious suggested we check out the Arc'Teryx factory sale nearby. Despite incredibly slashed prices, I was not really in the mood to spend hundreds of dollars on outerwear. At that moment, I devised a plan. I promised that I would accompany her to the sale if she went out for desserts afterwards. Milhouse, Boss Woman and Apu were all game for that idea as well. Yah, I'm resorting to gentle coercion for people to do my bidding! So as I pull up to the Arc'Teryx sale, there is this crazy ass long lineup that extended out to the street. We found out it was approximately a 2 hour wait. Uh... no thanks. There are very few things I'd lineup for. Clothing is not one of them. It's even a stretch for me to lineup for food! I do as well in a lineup as a undented car in the Aberdeen parking lot.

At that point, no one, including Emilicious wanted to endure that kind of torture. We proceeded to go for dessert even though we never actually went shopping. It was a win-win situation for me! It was also quite nice that everyone was willing to travel from North Van over to Sweet Revenge out on Main & King Edward. For once, we didn't have to put money in the meters because it was already 10:00pm by the time we arrived. I am so used to putting money in the meter that I almost paid for no reason. Fortunately, Milhouse stopped me and I saved some coin. We ended up waiting for a good half hour for our table since there are not many seats for 6. Well, the table we got was not really for 6; but we made it work.

Apu decided on the White Chocolate Cheesecake. He really liked the smooth richness of the cake itself. I had a taste and it was indeed quite good. It wasn't too sweet and there was a pronounced cream cheese flavour. It was nice that there was plenty of strawberry sauce on the plate as well. It's too bad the portion size was quite small. Gadget Girl had the Apple Pie and she didn't even finish it. It wasn't that it was too big; rather it was way too sweet. Not a good balance of flavours. For myself, I went for the "lightest" dessert they had in the Berry Trifle. It was indeed quite light with layers of strawberry, Grand Marnier-soaked cake and fresh whipped cream. Nothing amazing; yet enjoyable to eat nonetheless.

Emilicious and Milhouse decided to share both the Chocolate Gateau and the Chocolate Mousse Cake. Originally, they wanted the Chocolate Pudding Cake; but they ran out. Both of them really like chocolate, so they liked the cakes off the bat. The hazelnut cream with raspberry jam provided a nice deviation from the chocolate; but it was not enough to make up for the dry cake. The mousse cake turn out to be the better of the 2 with the same rich chocolate taste; but being moist. I also got to try this cake and it was pretty good. I found that the layers of mousse helped lighten the cake somewhat. I say somewhat because it was still fairly rich due to the copious amount of dark chocolate. I found that it was a little less sweet than the gateau, which had jam.

As desserts go, Sweet Revenge is alright. There were some good points mixed in with some not-so-good. It's just one of those places that people associate with dessert and will go there because of that. I'm not much of a dessert guy; so I'm not particularly that picky about my sweets. So Sweet Revenge would be a viable option when you want to do the late-night dessert thing.

The Good:
- If you pick the right one, desserts are pretty decent
- It's got a charm to it
- A decent selection

The Bad:
- Good, but not great
- Very small place, you'll be friends with the table beside you (or share a table)

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Unknown said...

What, Sherman? Are you telling me you actually PLANNED to go to a dessert place? There's hope for you yet! ;)

trisha said...

oh, arc'teryx. i love their stuff but wait until day TWO of the sale. the lines are craaaazy.

good to know sweet revenge is open so late. after late nights at my volunteer job nearby, i could use some dessert. i've been going to breka but this is closer.

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Nina, finally gave some love to dessert!

Trisha, I'm not sure if I can even line up for 20 mins. Maybe I'll check it out next year. I still need to go visit Breka...

Unknown said...

Sweet Revenge Patisserie!

NOT such a sweet experience!

They charged us a 15% of gratuity because we spilt bill 3 ways between 4 people, but waiter didn't tell us! When we went to pay the bill we asked why, the manager said its in their menu, but their menu only say the group of 6 or more will charge 15%. The guy said it’s in their other menu! What!? Hello! you only have one menu that we saw!

Then when I paid he rounds my bill off the nearest 10 cents (to the restaurants benefit) and short changes me another few pennies?

I WON'T go back to here again!!!! The people who management this restaurant is not honest!

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