Sherman's Food Adventures: Hamburgers


I'm not afraid to admit it. I love burgers. Yah, it ain't necessarily the most glamorous of things to eat; but something about meat in a bun. Who doesn't like meat in a bun? Right, vegetarians. Well, then tofu in a bun in that case. Now, to what lengths will I go to try a good burger? Well, I'm not really into lining up, so probably wouldn't do that much. I have traveled far for pizza, so I guess I would do the same for a burger. But how far? How about out of town and then heading out even further? Apparently to Kim, it means taking a ferry ride over to Sausalito from the Ferry Building. I was a bit perplexed at that idea; but it seemed wacky enough to make sense. So, I decided to tag along. Why not, it was nice and sunny day.

In fact, the ferry ride over was quite enjoyable, if not a bit touristy. We did get our requisite pictures of the San Francisco skyline, Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge. For me, arriving via ferry to Sausalito seems very much like a cruise ship docking at a Caribbean port of call. Well, either that or I'm seriously aching to go on a cruise. I hope Viv is reading this... So after we dock, it was only a short walk over to Hamburgers. Yes, that's the name of the place. Very original ain't it? I wonder how Chinese restaurants would be received if their English name reflected what they served? Tripes & Trotters? Not sure if that would have the same effect. I digress. So the draw here are the fresh burgers. In fact, they are merely balls of ground beef that are formed into a burger patty when you put in an order. It is cooked on a rotating BBQ until medium. We got one of their Cheeseburgers served with Jack cheese. The meat was cooked perfectly medium and was decently moist. Not juicy while not dry either. There was some meat flavour that was conservatively seasoned. A good amount of fresh toppings made for a really solid burger. Not outstanding; yet enjoyable to eat. The only thing that I would change is the bun. Very generic and a bit dense.

To add a little variety, we decided to try their Steak Sandwich as well. Honestly, we really shouldn't have. We should've taken a hint from the restaurant name. It's not named Steak Sandwiches for a reason. What we essentially got was a thinner than thin minute steak in a hamburger bun. The steak was really overcooked (can't help it, too thin) and chewy. Furthermore, being so thin, it got cold instantly. Cold, chewy meat on a dense bun. No good. Of course we also got an order of Fries. Despite appearing like your regular generic krinkle-cut chips, they were fried really well being crispy and not oily. Surprising. Overall, I would say the burgers and fries are indeed quite good, steak sandwich withstanding. Worth the trip out to Sausalito? Possibly. But it's something that would be good to visit if you were intending to be out there in the first place.

The Good:
- Fresh ingredients
- Burger cooked to a perfect medium

The Bad:
- Stick with the burgers, steak sandwich is no good
- Place is super small

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Tony said...

I have the feeling that, having read a lot of foodie blogs from folks big on true Chinese cuisine, "Tripes and Trotters" would probably go over just fine!

That's a great-looking burger. Was the shop fairly busy, or did it seem like one of those that people in the neighbourhood know and few others wander into? Did they have any variants - turkey, veggie, etc.?

KimHo said...

Chicken feet and gizzards? Kidneys and Intestines? Should I keep on going or imagine more "interesting" combinations? :)

Once again, thanks for tagging on this crazy adventure!

Tony, they didn't have a veggie version but they had turkey and chicken BBQ. Outside of that menu they also had burrito, hot dog and steak sandwich.

Sherman Chan said...

Tony, you're right about the name of T&T, could actually draw some people! The burger is good and it was quite busy. I would say that there are regulars and tourists alike.

Kim, thanks for letting me tag along!

Wendy said...

Heehee...I'm sorry...this is totally unrelated but the title is "Hambugers""Hamboogers" LOL.

Again, I apologize~!! =D

Sherman Chan said...

Wendy, that's hilarious. I didn't even catch that... Thanks!

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