Sherman's Food Adventures: Sunshine Diner

Sunshine Diner

There is an app on the iPhone that specifically deals with planets and constellations. My son is completely fascinated with it. With that in mind, we felt that a visit to the Planetarium would be a good call. And why not? You got your planet show with "Harold" and various displays that deal with space. Looks great on paper doesn't it? While on our way to the "mushroom" as we referred to it when we were kids, lunch was in order. I didn't give it much thought since we were rushing out the door. Thus, it was the "drive around until you spot something" routine. Hey, we spotted a lot of stuff; but none were open until 11:30am. We were getting pretty flustered and resisting hard not to visit White Spot (been there too many times). I'm glad my son didn't see it, he would've nagged us until we would give in. Driving down that same block, the Sunshine Diner caught our attention. With "Elvis" at the front door and colourful red and white decor, it sure looked inviting. I stopped, parked the car and grabbed the family to a random food adventure. Diner food... Now that's something my kids should eat.

Without even looking at the menu, I really liked this place. C'mon, there's Elvis! Furthermore, you got booth seating, jukebox and retro decor. The place looks like a diner. Seems to have the whole Johnny Rockets thing going on. As expected the menu consisted of breakfast, burgers and sandwiches. Although my son already had pancakes earlier, he wanted to have them again. Wow, that's really boring. No matter, that is something he'd eat and that's good enough for me. We got the Pancake Breakfast for him and his sister to share. It came with eggs and sausage (or bacon or ham) as well. Although he was eating them willingly, I thought the pancakes could've been fluffier. The eggs were scrambled perfectly. And I mean perfectly. Fluffy and barely cooked, this is a lot harder to do than it looks. The sausage was also very good, it was meaty and not fatty at all. Good meat flavour too.

Viv went for the Clubhouse and even though it is a simple sandwich, this one was done right. Bacon was crispy and lean, veggies fresh, real chicken breast and real cheese, what's not to like? Fries were crispy too. For me, I had to have the Mushroom Burger. It's a diner right? Gotta go for the burger... As you can see in the picture, it was loaded with mushrooms, pickles, cheese, lettuce and tomato. The patty was moist despite not being juicy. The burger tasted great with lots of meat flavour except the pickles were much too salty. Take that out and it would've been much more balanced. Naturally, by virtue of being a diner, the food ain't gonna knock the socks off anyone. However, there is definitely good diner food and bad diner food. I would say this is good diner food since it wasn't greasy, overall execution was good, prices fair, friendly service and pretty welcoming environment.

The Good:
- Cool decor
- Generally well-made food
- Okay value considering location

The Bad:
- Pretty standard fare, not much innovation

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Anonymous said...

Looks super fun Sherman. Always nice to see a diner pull off good eats.

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love a super cute diner. Must visit next time I head to the museum!

BTW, it's such a small world =P

Sherman Chan said...

Chris, it is fun, decor makes the place!

Pattie, it is super cute! And yes, small world eh?

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