Sherman's Food Adventures: Jethro's Fine Grub

Jethro's Fine Grub

Since we took Guy Smiley out for his birthday last time, he wanted to return the favour. With so many choices of eats, you'd think it would be easy. Not so fast. Girl Smiley is expecting. Let me try this again. Girl Smiley can pop anytime now! Hence, we weren't going for anything such as AYCE sushi. Furthermore, with kiddies in tow, nothing too complicated either. With my son's skates getting a bit tight, we were needing to head out to Cheapskates anyways. So with Jethro's Fine Grub just around the corner, it was as good as anytime to finally try them out. This visit has been a long time coming. Originally, we were supposed to head there after golf in the summer; but the boys were so famished that they decided to eat at the first place they saw - which was Flamingo House. Although, this time around, we almost didn't get to eat there again. You see, there was a 1 hour wait for a table. The place is really small and probably can seat 26 people max.

No, we weren't going to leave despite my disdain for lineups. Instead, we walked up to Cheapskates and did our shopping first. Upon returning, we still had to wait about 20 minutes. They were able to turn a table for 4 around so that all 6 of us could fit. It was a tight squeeze; but the place has a certain charm to it that it really didn't matter. Although the prices are not exactly cheap, I think that they are more than fair considering its location. Looking around at the portion sizes, it actually made the prices look quite attractive. Girl Smiley decided on the standard 2 Eggs & Meat (choice of double smoked bacon, sausage, grilled chorizo or ham steak). She went for the ham steak and really, it was as large as a steak! Eggs were cooked perfectly while the hash browns were the boiled-first-then-pan-fried type. Good value for $8.00 considering the level of execution.

Viv ended up with the Crab Cake Benedict. Rather than bread, the crab cake itself was the base for the poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. We both agreed that the crab cake was both large and well-executed. Fluffy crab inside with a crispy exterior, these would've been fine on their own. Add perfectly poached eggs and a creamy Hollandaise, this breakfast rocked. Only thing I personally would've liked was more lemon in the sauce itself. Since no one was having an omelet, I had the Baked Potato Omelet. As the name suggests, there is hashbrowns, bacon, cheddar, sour cream and scallions (I omitted this). Well, nothing more to say than it is essentially a "baked potato" with all the fixins in an omelet. I like baked potatoes, especially with lotsa sour cream and bacon. This omelet delivered. Although, the egg itself could've been cooked a tad less. I also loved the fresh fruit and rye bread as well.

For my daughter, we ordered the Corned Beef Hash. Our server was concerned that she couldn't finish it and she was right. Little did she know that Viv and I would just eat more! Well, it really wasn't that large; but it would be enough for one person definitely. I stole the poached eggs and subsequently had enough cholesterol for the whole week in one meal. I gotta say that they really know how to poach eggs here. Perfect once again in terms of a runny yolk and aesthetically pleasing. We found the hash to be pretty good; yet nothing extraordinary. Hashbrowns were soft and just enough corn beef for flavour without being salty. It wasn't greasy either. Guy Smiley went for the Heuvos Rancheros. In one of the neatest looking versions of this dish, it was solid, if not a bit too refined. No matter, everything was fresh and well-executed.

Finally, for my son, he had the usual in the Short Stack Pancakes. Little did we know that meant 2 enormous pancakes that would rival the size of some dubs on a Range Rover. Well, it sure tasted better than dubs. Instead of brake dust, we find powered sugar. The pancakes were not dense nor rubbery. Pretty good. My son ate it, that makes me happy. In fact, we were all pretty happy. Jethro's has the winning formula of good eats, reasonable prices and good portions nestled within an eclectic atmosphere.

The Good:
- Good portions
- Reasonable prices
- Decent eats

The Bad:
- Always a wait for a table
- Tight dining space

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LotusRapper said...

Been wanting to go there for some time now. But the lineups and waits :-(

Love this part from the Georgia Straight's review:

"The cooking’s from scratch, yes, but it’s refreshingly free of organic, local, free-range snobbery. In Stuart’s opinion, there are already enough eateries that cater to that market. “The love is organic,” she says sweetly of Jethro’s. “Grub is what you get.”

This no-apologies, down-to-earth vibe was shared by the other server working with Stuart. When I asked her if the orange juice was fresh-squeezed, she smiled and quipped, “Tropicana squeezes it.”

Sherman Chan said...

LR, it's worth the wait! Not spectacular, but solid for the price.

Mijune said...

I can't say I was overly impressed with this place either. I thought it was very good, but like you, not spectacular. It was decent, but not exactly worth the drive if you live far. I didn't get the hype really. I had the crab cake benny too, but I actually wasn't keen on the crab cake. I found it had a lot of filler and it came across as polenta. Nice pics Sherman... way better than mine! What's new?

Sherman Chan said...

Hey Mijune, yup food is very personal. We liked the crab cake. Was something different than bread.

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