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With every passing late night food adventure, the pool of late night eateries dwindles down further and further. In actuality, there are still many places to eat in the wee hours, they're just located in areas we don't normally frequent. Soon, we will need to go exclusively into Downtown since that is where many of them reside. However, this time around, we made plans out on Main Street, in particular, Locus. For Friday night hockey, this is quite the drive from the North Shore. The reason for heading in the opposite direction of where many of us live was due to Gadget Girl. She lives in that direction and we would do anything for her! Well, since she organizes the team, I guess we do it in fear more than anything else. Turns out she couldn't make it after all. Too bad really. Next time, we're gonna go to Surrey! To spite her! LOL... The one benefit of this location is that Rocket could join us. So not all was lost. Also, after a considerable absence, Polka King made a cameo. Apparently, he's been busy with a newly crowned "Polka Dot". I see... That is more important than hockey and food! When we arrived, there was a slight wait for a table. Seems to be a happenin' place for a Friday night. Lots of hipsters doing their hipster thing.

Sweet Tooth was there for the dessert only; but ordered a token appetizer being the Gin & Ginger Prawns with sesame wonton chips. She thought the prawns were prepared correctly with lots of ginger; yet lacking in gin. She would've liked more impact in terms of flavour. I personally didn't like the wonton chips, as you can see they were oil-logged. Both Polka King and Lionel Hutz had the Grilled Ahi Tuna Club with lettuce, tomato, pancetta, avocado and olive tapenade. Duplicates! Well, in the end, it was a good thing to have 2 differing opinions. Both agreed that the tuna was cooked perfect and seemed fresh. Lionel Hutz enjoyed the flavours while Polka King complained that the olive tapenade left a funny aftertaste. Whatever the case, it was fairly priced at $13.00. Milhouse went for the ol' standby - the Organic Beef Burger. As stated from the menu, it is topped with caramelized onions, edam, lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion, roasted garlic mayo and served on a whole wheat kaiser bun. Milhouse thought that the meat to bun ratio was a bit off; yet the whole thing did taste quite good and the meat was not dry. The roasted potatoes were a nice departure from fries.

For myself, I started with the Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio with horseradish aioli, grilled bannock and truffle oil. A fairly solid offering with melt-in-your-mouth thin slices of beef. The truffle oil added a nice earthiness while the aioli had a nice kick. I didn't care for the "bannock". I would've preferred a crunchy textural contrast instead. For my main, I had the Maple Hills Pulled Chicken Carbonara. Consisting of roasted garlic, wild mushrooms, bacon & sweet peas, fresh herb fettuccine, creamy egg yolk sauce and grana podano cheese, this was not bad. I found the pasta to be slightly soft; but not gummy or clumpy. Although this version does not follow the classic recipe, there was a good balance of saltiness from the bacon, nuttiness from the cheese and earthiness from the mushrooms. A minor complaint would be the some clumps of uncooked egg yolk. It wasn't a huge deal though. After all, you'll rarely find me being too picky about late night eats (unless it plain sucks) since there is not much choice. Locus does decent late night eats in a hip environment with some inexpensive options.

The Good:
- Burger and sandwich prices are reasonable
- Decent eats
- Hip environment

The Bad:
- Food is okay; but nothing to write home about
- Other than the burgers and sandwiches, some of their entrees are pricey

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