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New Lakeview

In the grand scheme of things, I'm not sure that my activity schedule was really all that well thought out. You see, we had just returned from Portland at around midnight on Friday. Then we had to wake up the following morning to do the whole PNE thing with the kiddies. Well, that really wasn't that bad. After all, there was lots of eating to be had! The problem is... I had promised to play a hockey game that night as well. So with the limited amount of time between returning from the PNE and heading off to hockey, I shoveled some Vietnamese takeout into my mouth. Now with legs feeling like Jello, I took to the ice and luck would have it, the game was a bit one-sided. We got outshot by a ratio of 2:1. Now my legs were really feeling it! Not all was lost though because Betaboy promised he'd go eat with me afterwards. That was the deal if I played goal for him tonight. Yes, it was my "gentle" persuasion to get people out to eat. Joining us were ChunkyLover69 (See: Simpsons) and Max Power.

Since we were playing at Moody Park, we headed over to New Lakeview. Only up the block, it was a natural choice. Well, not really... A bunch of people opted to head to the Market Crossing Boston Pizza. 2 problems with that. It's not on the way home for us and honestly, BP sucks. Paying $17.29 for a plate of overcooked pasta with bland, watery sauce is plain lunacy. I don't care how big the portion is. Oh and Bolognese sauce does not have green peppers! Sorry, just me ranting. So, the main draw with New Lakeview are the low prices and large portions. As evidenced by Max Power's Combo A dinner (for only $8.95), it can feed 2 people. Loaded with Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet 'n Sour Pork and Chop Suey, this would put any Manchu Wok or Panda Express meal to shame. ChunkyLover69 had the Brisket Rice Noodles and it was alright. The broth was somewhat weak while the brisket was dry. However, the large portion made up for it.

Betaboy and I shared 2 items starting with the Chicken & Lettuce Fried Rice. This was also on the bland side and the rice was quite dry. However, for fried rice, dry is certainly much better than wet. Lots of chicken in the rice too. We also shared the Fish & Tofu Hot Pot. We got this because the table next to us had it. It looked absolutely huge and stuffed with lots of fish and tofu. Indeed it was a lot of food and very garlicky as well. However, the fish was tad "fishy". Not that they would use fresh fish anyways... And that really says it all about the food here. Mostly okay; but certainly not outstanding. But considering the prices and huge portion sizes, it makes up for some of the deficiencies. Taking into account its location, there is really not much around that can compete; thus, it will most certainly have a steady stream of repeat customers.

The Good:
- Freakin' large portions
- Cheap
- Open late

The Bad:
- Food is okay, but not great
- It's a dive

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Landon said...

My family has gone to this place for years. Your review is quite accurate. It's always been a consistent place to feed a large group of people for cheap. The owners are very hard working and nice as well. We always leave satisfied.

Kate said...

The place is a bit of a dive, but the wonton soup is excellent. Good portion, cheap, tasty, and some of the best broth I have had.

Sherman Chan said...

Landon, indeed the owners are very nice. I will return for the big portions!

Kate, I need to try the wonton soup then!

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