Sherman's Food Adventures: Pajo's (Rocky Point)

Pajo's (Rocky Point)

On a beautiful Sunday in September (yes, this post has been waiting in the queue for awhile!), it looked to be a good idea to take advantage before it rained again. Hey, it rained all month already, we really needed to enjoy it before it really gets bad in the following months! Thus, we headed out to Rocky Point in Port Moody. Great place to let the kids run around and there is this nice water park and playground as well. Naturally, the water park is now closed since it is basically redundant with the rain and cold weather. Of course I wouldn't be only blogging about my kids going down a slide over and over again... I guess it can be interesting to some; but not for a food blog. The real reason we were here was to go for some Pajo's fish 'n chips. This location is somewhat forgotten since the Richmond ones get much more press and attention.

With the wet weather, the ground ended up to be a muddy mess. And you know mud + kids = pain. No matter how much I reminded my son not to get mud all over himself, he did. Fun. And even more fun was to find something he'd eat. I resisted the easy way out with the grilled cheese and ordered the Cod 'n Chips in hopes he'd eat it. Now, unlike my good experience at the Steveston location, the cod 'n chips were not very good this time around. My son was only eating the batter and avoiding the fish. I took a sample and honestly, I'd avoid the fish too. It was thin and subsequently overcooked. One particular portion was tough as shoe leather. Mind you, the batter was light and crisp though. The fries were okay, not as crisp as we would've liked.

To increase our vegetable intake, I got a large order of the Coleslaw. With lots of raisin and crunchy cabbage and carrots, we enjoyed it. There was a nice tang and not too much mayo. However, I personally didn't like the addition of green onions (and not because I don't prefer them either). I found that it didn't add to the flavour profile of the coleslaw. Rather, it detracted from the familiar flavours. Viv and I decided to share a large order of the Halibut 'n Chips. The pieces here were slightly larger; thus the fish was still moist. It says a lot that the halibut was more moist than the cod (since cod is an oilier fish, but not cooked right this time). The tartar sauce was pretty solid with a some zing and tangy bits. Being from the same batch, the fries were not great this time. Somehow they were just limp and soft.

So, unlike my good experience at the Steveston location, the fish 'n chips at Pajo's this time around were pretty average at best. For the prices they charge, it'd better be, at the very least, acceptable. Sure, the draw here is not exclusively the food. The location, outdoor ambiance (on a nice day) and view all add to the experience. With that in mind, Go Fish has all of that and has better fish 'n chips (in my opinion). There is better or just as good to be found at places such as Austin Fish 'n Chips and Ocean Ave. However, the only view you get at those places are of cars driving by.

The Good:
- Location
- The "outdoor" gimmack
- Decent fish 'n chips... usually

The Bad:
- A bit pricey considering the venue
- Wasn't great this time around

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Anonymous said...

You can sign up for their free birthday meal and you'll get a free fish and chip or burger plus drink.

You can't beat free!!!

Sherman Chan said...

Cool... Didn't know that!

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