Sherman's Food Adventures: Fasttrac Fusion Meals on Wheels

Fasttrac Fusion Meals on Wheels

What a day. It first starts off with a meeting in Burnaby and ends up with another one in Ladner. For those who are unaware, trying to get out of Ladner towards Vancouver during rush hour is an exercise in frustration. You see, Northbound traffic through the George Massey Tunnel is reduced to one lane. Thus, you have 4+ lanes merging into one. Not a fun exercise to say the least. Of course, with all my whining about bad drivers, what did I end up doing? I forgot that the carpool lane turning towards the tunnel from HWY 17 is usually backed up past the overpass. So I drove up to the front thinking I could just merge into it. Wrong. I had to sheepishly signal and hope some nice motorist would let me in. I know, I know. They probably think I'm skipping the line. I apologize. I have become what I most despise.

So I ended up taking the Oak Street bridge rather than the connector due to my inherent fear of traffic jams. Bad decision, the traffic was worse in Vancouver. But the one bright spot was that I finally got to try Fasttrac Fusion at the corner of Cambie and 49th. This cart has eluded me so far due to its location and operating times. Somehow between the time it began operating until now, they have gotten rid of their yakisoba and replaced it with fresh rolled sushi. Interesting. Well, I decided to get 3 cones to try out including the Spicy Scallop, Boston and Alaska. At $3.85, the cones are priced fairly since they are quite large with plenty of filling. I found the rice to be pretty decent with a nice chewiness. Of the 3, I liked the Boston cone the best because it was less wet than the spicy scallop; yet more moist than the dry Alaska cone. Overall, I found the cones to be quite good.

I also got a Chicken Teriyaki Bowl and it was alright. Rice was good being a bit dry which goes well with wet items. The veggies were vibrant and still crisp. However, the chicken was overcooked. This can probably be attributed to being the end of the day. With that being said, it was still very edible. I liked the sauce. There was just enough and not too salty. For me, the food can be described as serviceable. In other words, it does what it sets out to be - a quick lunch option for students who are arriving or leaving from Langara. It's too bad they don't have yakisoba anymore; but apparently it wasn't selling. Nice to see that they changed up on the fly to try something different.

The Good:
- Nothing over $5.00
- Friendly proprietors
- Sushi cones are interesting

The Bad:
- The rolls take some time to make, but then again, you wouldn't want pre-made ones either.

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holly said...

Thanks for the timely post. I went by this truck the other day and almost stopped by to check it out. I think I'll pass since the sushi truck in Richmond is pretty good. I just haven't been by their new location since they moved to Charles St.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those hand rolls look so good! Thank you for checking this place out. I really love discovering all the food carts..... it's fun to explore them.....
One thing I really don't understand is why there isn't a vietnamese sub cart. In Toronto, on Spadina, they fly out of the stores for $2 to $2.50 each. I think a Banh Mi cart would go over really well if they could get a good bread supplier. It's the ultimate portable food (like the subs are in Paris).

LotusRapper said...

Interesting. What makes them "Fusion" in their name ?

Do they have anything fried, like tonkatsu, karaage, etc (I'm guessing no).

So what are their days/hours of operation ?

Anonymous said...

OMG! THOSE CONES LOOK SO YUMMMY! they open mon-fri 11:00-6:00 and i guess they close depending on weather because i went a couple of times and they were closed early..
I go there everyday after i get off school! It's so convenient! try there subs next time! they are the BOMB!

Sherman Chan said...

Holly, the cones at Fumisen are indeed better. But these are decent too!

A Banh Mi cart? What a great idea! Wonder if someone will do it?

LR, not sure about the fusion... honestly...

Anonymous said...

Their skewers is what I like, the fish balls are also pretty good. I haven't tried their cones yet but they sure look good in the picture. Nice to have a variety and you can't beat the price, everything under $5.

Alicia Bieber said...

I love the food. The food is way cheaper than at Langara college..My favourite are the subs and the skewers!!

Sherman Chan said...

Absolutely. This place is a good alternative to the Langara cafeteria!

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