Sherman's Food Adventures: Cafe Savoureux (formerly La Cuisson)

Cafe Savoureux (formerly La Cuisson)

We've all seen it before. You know, those comments left on sites such as Urbanspoon, Yelp and Dinehere that merely state: "the food tasted like sh*t". Yah, that's useful. And I suppose people have eaten sh*t to legitimize this statement. How about the food wasn't really good? I'm sure there is not much in the way of food out there that tastes worst than poo. On that note, I can honestly say that eating poo is not exactly at the top of my to-do list. However, Costanza sent me an email that his co-worker had raved about the Civet Coffee at Cafe Savoureux in Richmond. For those unfamiliar, a civet is a cat- like animal that eats coffee beans and we harvest it from their dung. Yup, we clean it up and roast it. Whoever thought of this great idea might be slightly disturbed. This was not the first time I've ever seen or heard about this prized and expensive coffee. When I lived in Downtown, I came across it at Urban Fare. One look at the price and I was not really into spending my pay cheque on Cat Poo Coffee. That and the French bread flown in from Paris daily, as well as the square watermelons.

As for the Civet Coffee at Cafe Savoureux, it is $60.00. We ended up sharing it which made it a more bearable at $20.00 each between Vandelay, Costanza and myself. There were 4 "courses" starting with the rich, full-bodied first press. It was dark, yet curiously smooth and not bitter. The second press was much weaker and not very flavourful. The third press tasted like tea and we didn't care much for it. The final press was gritty and thick. So was it worth it? Depends. I'm not a huge coffee drinker. However Costanza and Vandelay are coffee aficionados. They enjoyed the first pass, but they agreed that it is one of those "been there, done that" things.

The Good:
- Calm, inviting seating area
- Friendly service
- Lots of choice

The Bad:
- Sure, we had an expensive coffee, but the rest of their prices are on the higher side

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Cici said...

This place used to be very good -- but it has been sold earlier this year and is now under new management, and the quality of the coffee has gone significantly downhill. The original owner of La Cuisson has now reopened the store at Kerrisdale and that's where I now go to satisfy my coffee needs.

Sherman Chan said...

@Cici Thanks for the heads up with the info!

TD said...

I go this place for several years now, and I still go there even now. Saying quality has gone downhill is just lies. It's bad to attack people. I try the ones in Kerrisdale.. Now I really feel that's downhill..

Sherman Chan said...

@TD Thanks for your opinion.

Unknown said...

agree with TD, i went 2 places and now i know which one is real good at coffee. besides, i like hot fruit tea in Richmond shop. it tastes really good. ^.^ love it!!

Unknown said...
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