Sherman's Food Adventures: Yuu Japanese Tapas

Yuu Japanese Tapas

After 2 hours at the Automall signing the paperwork for our new car, Viv and I were pretty enthused about heading home. First, we attempted to take the connector, but with traffic backed up to #6 Road, that was a no go. Then we tried to make it onto the Knight Street Bridge... LOL, ya right. It was pretty clear that we were stuck in Richmond. Noooooo.... Wait. Not so bad. We could just grab a bite and let the traffic subside. Problem being was that we didn't want to head into the heart of Richmond during rush hour, especially with 2 cars. So we pulled into into Continental Centre with the intention of dropping off one of the cars. However, we weren't feeling that creative and settled on something there which turned out to be Yuu Japanese Tapas.

Not knowing a whole lot about the place, I quickly took a gander at Mijune's post and steered clear of the ramen. We ended up starting with the Fried Squid Tentacles which were very chewy and dry. They were crisp though and not greasy. There was a decent amount of flavour from the mayo and sweet chili sauce. Viv didn't really care for it and I had to endure chewing the rest of it. For my main, I had the Curry Beef Cutlet with rice and fried shrimp. Slightly reminiscent of the Hamburg Steak found at the 29th Ave Cafe, this one was slightly better in terms of texture. The meat was moist and juicy while being well-seasoned. The curry was sweet as per Japanese style, however, it had a nice kick as well. I really liked the aesthetically-pleasing fried shrimp. They were hot and crispy.

Viv decided to try the Kimchi Fried Rice which arrived as a set including soup, oshinko and edamame. This was a fairly large portion and ended up to be pretty good. The rice was on the softer side, but was soaked with flavour. It had a nice spiciness combined with enough seasoning. The tender chunks of pork were a nice surprise in each bite. Again, the rice was a bit moist, but the flavours made up for it. Now by virtue of the fact I stayed away from the not-so-good dishes may have not given me a clear picture of the place. For what we had it wasn't bad except for the squid. Now the squid would be one of those "tapas" dishes which is the restaurant namesake. Strange to see that most of the menu was not really full of tapas options though...

The Good:
- Fairly decent portion-to-price ratio
- Okay service

The Bad:
- Jury is still out on whether this qualifies as a tapas joint or not

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