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Miss Y is a pretty smart gal. She is currently finishing up her Masters degree at UBC. However, much like Superman, she has a weakness. It is pretty apparent that sense her of direction is her kryptonite. She is so bad with directions, she gets lost in her own driveway. So when we had a game at Oak Park (where we've never played before), she asked for directions to the place. Well, I guess my directions sucked because she showed up in the middle of the 2nd inning. On another note, I had the best game of the year in terms of hitting. Kinda strange if you ask me since I had a really sore shoulder/back in the morning. It prompted me to consider not playing. But after taking some Robaxacet (geez those pills are tough to swallow), I was as happy as a clam. Does that mean I have to take that every game? Hello addiction? So after the game, we once again headed to Richmond for eats. I was remarking to Milhouse that Richmond is so much more calm at night where I don't need to worry about any bad drivers. Seemed like I spoke too soon as some Lexus IS in front of me was doing the Electric Slide down Garden City Way. Then we got onto the topic of rude people, who don't wait for people to get out of an elevator before barging in or people who stand and/or walk right in the middle of a parking aisle without considering there are cars that need to get through. And just right on cue, as we were pulling into the parking lot of Bauhinia, 2 women were walking smack dab in the middle of the aisle, completely unaware of us being right behind them. Ah yes... Richmond. If there weren't so many good eats here, I'd avoid you like One Direction.

Now you might be wondering why we picked Bauhinia (or maybe not, but this paragraph starter sounded good). Well, it was on the recommendation of Choobee. Originally, she wanted to go here for lunch instead of Nooch Snack & Chill, but I figured that we would not be able to put a dent on the menu. And about that menu... One would be hard-pressed in finding anything as diverse as the one here. Boss Woman, Milhouse and I decided to share some dishes starting with the Curry BBQ Pork, Ham & Shrimp Fried Rice. The grains of rice were somewhat broken in appearance, yet had a good chewy and dry texture. For some odd reason, the dish wasn't very hot in both temperature and spice level. It only looked flavourful. Next was the Stir Fried Rice Vermicelli w/ Shredded Chicken Hot Platter which was served in a mini wok rather than an actual hot plate. This was our favourite of the bunch since there were good textures at work. The chewiness of the noodles combined with the crunch from the veggies and the airiness of the pork fluff made this dish almost "salad-like".

We weren't that enthused about the Seafood Paella though. We weren't expecting authenticity considering the type of restaurant, however, the rice was hard and wet at the same time. Furthermore, the flavour was one-note and the seafood was overcooked. Milhouse ordered an extra plate of noodles being the Stir Fried Japanese Noodle w/ Shredded Pork & Spinach Hot Platter. It was pretty typical of an Asian noodle dish. The noodles were al dente while the flavours were mild. It didn't have much of an impact with us. For myself, I wanted to try their Lobster Bisque. I didn't find that it was that rich nor much in the way of lobster flavour. It was more creamy tomatoey than anything else. With that being said, it wasn't bad, it just wasn't a lobster bisque.

Bam Bam and Pebbles went for the classic Minced Beef and Egg on Rice. We liked the fact the beef was hand-chopped rather than ground because it was texturally and aesthetically pleasing. The sauce was quite mild and despite the plentiful appearance, the dish could've used more of it. Hot Chocolate had the Curried Beef Brisket which was of the coconut milk variety. Hence, it was smooth and not spicy. It was very mild in flavour. The brisket was moist and fork tender. Lastly, Bear had the Baked Pork Loin Cutlet with spaghetti. I thought the pork loin was fantastic. It was moist, juicy and still slightly crisp on the outside (despite the sauce). At first, I thought there was too much sauce, but in the end, it was the right amount. It tasted pretty typical of a watered-down ketchup base. Bam Bam and Pebbles went for the same dish except with rice. Personally, I like that version more. Something about the rice soaking up the sauce and a bit easier to eat. Being the last customers in the restaurant, we ended up keeping the only server there past her working hours. Despite this, she was nice and attentive. Overall, the food was not bad with some dishes being better than others (pretty normal).

The Good:
- Lots of choice
- Nice dining space
- Service we got was good

The Bad:
- A bit more expensive than other similar restaurants
- Food is not bad, but nothing particularly more special than anywhere else

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