Sherman's Food Adventures: Yu Kee BBQ Kitchen

Yu Kee BBQ Kitchen

Ever since I can remember, more often than not, there would be some form of Chinese BBQ item on the table for dinner. Fast forward to the present, I seem to be continuing the tradition. Well, possibly because I'm lazy and have one less dish to worry about... However, being located in North Burnaby, there aren't any Chinese BBQs nearby. And I would prefer to avoid T&T. It's okay, but never my first choice. Hence, I've been trying out various places which are somewhat in the vicinity. So back to my search for the best Chinese BBQ in town (so far it has been HK BBQ Master), it brought me to a lil' place tucked in the Killarney Market shopping complex. Yu Kee doubles as a small Chinese restaurant as well as a full-service BBQ. They got all of the meats - hot and cold. I decided to go for the "big three" in terms of BBQ'd meats being the BBQ Pork, BBQ Duck and Roast Pork.

The BBQ Pork was juicy and moist. It had a nice "bark" on it which was flavourful and sweet, however, there was an absence of any charring which lessened the BBQ taste. For some odd reason, the pork had an aftertaste which was "porky" in a gamy sort of way. Not a huge problem, but I would've preferred a more uniform flavour. It could've been the lack of glaze on the outside too. The Roast Pork was pretty good. This may have been partially due to the use of pork belly. The meat was moist and the fat was gelatinous and melted in my mouth. It was well-seasoned and melded well in the roasting process. The crackling was crunchy and easy to chew.

Although the BBQ Duck was pale and didn't look promising, it turned out to be solid. The duck was meaty with nicely rendered skin. The meat was seasoned evenly while being moist and tender. As per my usual statement: "it is not as good at HK BBQ Master". Yet, really what is. But due to location, I would say Yu Kee is a decent choice for those living in the Fraserview/
Killarney neighbourhoods.

The Good:

- Decent
- Lots of parking
- Standard pricing

The Bad:
- Well, of course there is better, but not really nearby

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tony said...

Good honest review. I also went here about 5 months ago. I was in the mood for bbq pork . So i ordered bbq sliced pork. I waited only 3-4 mins. Guy in front of me was picking up his order. Next was me. The server hands me a white take out carton stuffed to the gills and says ''ok..that is $3.06''. I thought the guy before me left his lunch to go and somebody screwed up . So i said i just asked for bbq and rice. ''yes..this is yours..$3.06.''. I was in deep shock...i can't believe how cheap it was for so much pork and steamed rice! I drove home with a big goofy smile on my face like i won some kind of lottery. By the way..the pork and rice was good...i was expecting a big fried turd on stale rice for $3.06 and was very happy with my un-turdy lunch.

WT said...

This restaurant is close to my neighbourhood so I visit it quite often. Here are a few must-try dishes: 避風塘海鮮炒飯 (____seafood fried rice), sliced fish congee, and 沙薑雞 (sand ginger chicken). I've tried my best with the English translations but you'd best check the menu to verify the names.

The fried rice can be found on a small menu stand on each table. The chicken is an item from the "BBQ" section. I use quotation marks around BBQ because the chicken, like soy sauce chicken and marinated foods, aren't roasted but they usually sit in the same display as all the BBQ items. Do note, however, that the chicken is bone-in and is more salty than it is gingery.

Sherman Chan said...

@Tony and WT Thanks for the comments and suggestions!

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