Sherman's Food Adventures: 17° C Dessert Cafe

17° C Dessert Cafe

After our extremely filling multi-course meal at Golden Eats, we waddled down a block and half to the hot new dessert spot, 17° C Dessert Cafe.  They've been so popular, people have been turned away due to long lineups as well as running out of ingredients to make their desserts.  Well, we didn't have that problem as the place was only half-full when we arrived.  We proceeded to do the ChineseBites thing and get everything off the menu.

We began with the fresh Cantaloupe balls atop shaved ice, evaporated milk and popping pearls.  This was a refreshing dessert where the fruit took centre stage.  It was ripe, sweet and rested on a bed of creamy shaved ice.  It wasn't overly sweet which was right up my alley.  I found the Watermelon to be rather bland (kind of expected) but the dollop of ice cream did help in the regard.  Again, it rested on a bed of shaved ice that was a bit icy in spots.  Again, the sweetness was really dialed down, especially with the use of watermelon over sweet cantaloupe.

We also got to try their new fresh Pineapple dessert with currant jellies.  This was my favourite of the 3 as the pineapple was sweet and ripe.  I was impressed with how they melon-balled it as pineapple can be rather fibrous.  The acidity of the pineapple helped balance off the sweetness of the ice cream.  The currant jellies were a bit of an odd addition to the pineapple, but they were good on their own.

Moving onto the Lightbulb Drinks, I tried the Kiwi which was refreshing and lightly carbonated, yet not super impactul with the low sugar content.  It didn't taste much like kiwi though despite the green colour.  On the other hand, the Red Pomegranate was definitely sweeter and more impactful.  With that being said, it was the most candy-like drink of the bunch.  Also flavourful, the Passionfruit was refreshing and lightly sweet.  I would've liked to see more tang though.  That wasn't a problem with the Lemon as it was tangy bordering on sour.  For me personally, I like sour, but I could see this being too much for some.  In general, the drinks were okay, but the real draw are the fresh fruit shaved ice creations.

*All desserts and drinks were complimentary*

The Good:
- Fresh fruit desserts
- Easy on the sugar

The Bad:
- Expensive
- Drinks are "okay" 


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