Sherman's Food Adventures: Heim BBQ & Catering

Heim BBQ & Catering

After a great start to our BBQ adventure at Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum, we ventured out to Fort Worth for some more.  In actuality, we were in Fort Worth to pay a visit to The Stockyards and get some commercialized wild west fun.  But before that, we drove down to Heim BBQ & Catering since they were rated in the top 50 by Texas Monthly (Pecan Lodge makes that list too).  Unlike our relatively short 45-minute wait at Pecan Lodge, we didn't have to wait much at Heim.  This was probably due to it being a weekday.  We even got parking right across the street.  Hey, we didn't mind that at all!

We ended up getting the 3-Meat Platter with brisket, pulled pork and pork ribs.   If I had to compare, the brisket was softer and much more moist than the one at Pecan Lodge.  However, the bark wasn't as pronounced nor as smoky though.  The pulled pork was very similar in texture to PL, but once again, was not as smoky.  We found the pork ribs to be better than PL in our opinion.  They were fall-off-the-bone tender while being succulent and well-spiced.  For our sides, we had fries and beans.  The fries were crispy and well-salted while the beans were a bit bland and too watery for our tastes.

We also added the Bacon Burnt Ends which were very fatty, yet ultimately tasty.  We would've preferred the fat to be cooked down more as it was a bit tough to eat.  On the other hand, the meat portion was fantastic being super concentrated with sweetness and smokiness.  The most majestic part of our meal had to be the 2-lb monstrous Beef Short Rib.  It was more smoky than the other meats and was super-fatty (in a good way).  The meat literally melted in our mouths.  The best way to describe the rib would be "meat butter".  Yes, it was that tender. 

For dessert, we had the Banana Pudding that was sweet and custardy.  There was slices of fresh banana throughout as well as crispy cookies on top.  The dessert was probably sweeter than my personal preference, but the cookies helped break up the flavor.  For the items we tried at Heim, the beef short rib stood out.  However, our preference would be Pecan Lodge as the meats at Heim were lacking smokiness and the brisket was too soft and wet.

The Good:
- That short rib
- For us, it wasn't too busy

The Bad:
- Could've been more flavorful
- Brisket was too soft and wet


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