Sherman's Food Adventures: El Coctelito

El Coctelito

Last time we were in Cozumel, we didn't get to check out the town very much as we made our way to the Mayan ruins.  This time, we docked closer to Downtown, so it was an easy walk through the marketplace and then subsequently onto the main thoroughfare.  Originally, we had planned to visit La Choza, but after trying to figure out where we were, it turned out that I had the wrong address.  The kids were pretty hungry, so we didn't feel like walking 8 blocks.  Therefore, we settled on the closest place from where we were standing in El Coctelito.

Viv and I decided that drinks were in order since we had walked all the way from the dock to nearly the end of the strip.  I went for the fruity Mango Margarita while Viv had the classic Lime.  These were blended fairly smooth while being not overly sweet.  The fruit flavour was a tad weak as well as the booze.  It wasn't very strong to say the least.  Since Viv was only thirsty and not super hungry, she shared the Beef Nachos.  These featured fresh tortilla chips topped with strips of steak and plenty of cheese.  As expected, this ate a whole lot more hearty than plain nachos with crunchy chips and fairly tender beef.  They actually didn't finish it and I had to some of it.

For myself I had the Guajillo Sauce Octopus served with rice and veggies.  This was a whole lot better than I expected.  Each little nugget had a tender bite that was just the right amount of chewiness.  There was a definite spice that was both smoky and impactful.  However, it wasn't too spicy, so I could definitely taste the layers of flavor.  Wasn't overly excited with the veggies though.  As for my daughter, she went simple with the kid's menu Chicken Quesadilla.  As you can see, there was nothing super exciting about the presentation.  However, it did the job with a decent amount of cheese and tender chicken tucked inside a soft tortilla.  From the small sampling of the menu, we concluded that although El Coctelito was not exactly the place we would normally dine at when in Mexico, it did the job considering its location.

The Good:
- Awesome water view
- Okay quality of food for the price
- Decent service

The Bad:
- Touristy (but okay for that purpose)
- Drinks were a bit weak


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