Sherman's Food Adventures: Gatlin's BBQ

Gatlin's BBQ

After our visit to the Houston Space Center, we had time to squeeze in one more BBQ joint before we had to head to George Bush International.  We made our way North over to Gatlin's BBQ which was somewhat along the way to the airport (for food, everything is along the way...  LOL...).  Loved that we didn't actually run into any traffic this time!  In actuality, we weren't really that hungry because we had a "snack" at the space center.  Therefore, we only got a taste of what they offered.

The best way to do this was to go for their 3-Meat Combo with pork ribs, sausage and brisket.  I gotta say that my Texas trip ended off strong.  The brisket was fairly lean, but still exhibited a succulence.  It was mildly smoky with a nice flavorful bark.  The ribs were meaty and pretty lean as well.  Yet once again, they weren't dry at all.  Loved the smoky bark on the outside.  With a snap, the sausage was meaty and juicy.  This was a fair amount of meat for the price.  As for the sides, we got Beans and Mac n' Cheese.  As expected, the beans were sweet with a bit of smoke.  Cheesy and creamy, the mac was pretty solid with firm noodles.

Lastly, we added a Pulled Pork Sandwich to get a 4th meat into the mix.  Although the pork didn't look particularly moist, it wasn't dry at all.  Seems to be a theme here...  It was also nicely smoked that was balanced and not overwhelming.  When doused with some of their BBQ sauce, its was tangy and smoky with a mild kick.  As mentioned, this was a fitting end to our Texas food adventures, but it only whetted out appetite for more.  I want to go back.  Maybe I can get some people to join me...  LOL...

The Good:
- Surprisingly moist despite being lean
- Balanced smokiness
- Good value

The Bad:
- I liked it lean, but I can see how some want it fattier


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