Sherman's Food Adventures: The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan

Well here is yet another, "I can't believe you haven't tried it" spots that I finally go around to.  Remember, some of these food trucks only operate on limited schedules at locations that I simply cannot access since I do not work in Downtown.  Hence, it is not as if I don't want to eat there, it is more like I have to find time to catch them when they are open.  That wasn't a problem this time around since I was on vacay anyways, so I grabbed Viv and my daughter and headed down to 505 Burrard for The Frying Pan's signature item.

Okay, the item to get here is their Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  At first glance, it looked eerily similar to the one found at Down Low Chicken Shack, but I assure you, they are not the same.  One is Nashville hot chicken and the other is a Korean fusion version.  The one I tried at The Frying Pan was good in its own way.  I found the large chicken breast to be super moist and juicy while the uniformly crunchy batter stayed adhered to the meat.  It wasn't as spicy as it looked being more tangy and savoury.  Nicely toasted, the bun kept everything inside without falling apart.  We also decided to get the other sandwich in the Chicken Cheese and since it wasn't saucy, the crunch was even more pronounced.  The ample melted cheese really came through in terms of texture and taste.  Just like the spicy sandwich, the crunchy pickles added a nice texture and tang.

We also got the Chicken Teriyaki Bowl with rice and egg.  This was neatly arranged and also carefully executed.  The fried chicken was pretty much the same as the one found in the sandwich.  Therefore, it was thick, moist and crispy on the outside.  However, without the benefit of the bun and sauce, the chicken ate rather plain.  With that being said, the caramelized onions added a nice sweetness.  Presented as a fairly large portion, the Bulgogi Fries were good. The starch-coated fries were golden brown and uniformly crispy.  These were the perfect vessels for the ample amount of tender, well-seasoned beef on top.  This was a meal in itself and in my mind, the second best thing to get from this food truck.  In fact, all of the food was well-executed and I wouldn't hesitate to eat it all again.

The Good:
- Well-executed eats
- Friendly people
- Food is filling

The Bad:
- I personally could do spicier, but I guess one could ask for it specifically


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