Sherman's Food Adventures: Roost Fried Chicken

Roost Fried Chicken

I've always had Yellowstone National Park on my bucket list and every year that passed by, it seemed to be forgotten, with other destinations taking precedent.  So when we had the chance to add it to our already long road trip, it wasn't a very hard decision.  Despite the crowds, we thoroughly enjoyed the diverse ecological spots in the park and spent the entire day exploring.  As such, our desire to hit up Triple D's featured restaurant, Roost Fried Chicken, in Bozeman appeared to be impossible as it would be closed by the time we got there.  Viv did her best driving, making up a tonne of time and we actually made it just before last call.

Of course we had Fried Chicken on our minds as I ordered the whole bird Southern style with 2 biscuits and 2 large sides.  If there was any question about the freshness, it was all answered by our nearly 30-minute wait.  We weren't bothered by it since the chicken was very good.  Crunchy and fairly well-seasoned, the batter was on point with rendered skin.  Most of the chicken was juicy except the breast was a touch on the drier side.  We didn't like the biscuits as they were dry and hard.  The side of Broccoli with cheese was terrible as it was woefully overdone.  However, the Loaded Grits were creamy and thick with lots of cheese, bacon and green onion on top.  We weren't able to get the mac n' cheese since they were sold out for the night.

To get a taste of spice, we also got the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, comeback sauce and pickles.  This was rather saucy and indeed had a kick.  I wouldn't say it was super spicy though.  Chicken was tender and almost juicy while the batter still had a slight crunch.  We got a side of fries with it and it was hot and crunchy.  Also added the coleslaw and it was freshly crunchy albeit rather bland.  In general, the chicken at Roost was pretty solid and definitely hit the spot after a long day at Yellowstone.  Too bad about being so late as we missed some of the other items (as they were sold out).  Maybe that is why the broccoli was so terrible (at the day).

The Good:
- Solid fried chicken
- Good service
- Fair pricing

The Bad:
- Some sides were meh
- Long wait, but chicken is made from scratch


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