Sherman's Food Adventures: Dochi


There it was, splattered all over IG - the mochi donut.  Colorful, unique and claimed to be delicious by many.  Sigh...  "Another fad", I thought to myself.  But then again, I was curious.  Also, Deanna posted some really nice IG pics on Dochi in Seattle.  Fine, we added this to our itinerary while we were in Seattle for the a few days.  Fortunately, the lineup wasn't so bad and neither was the weather.  We ended up getting every flavor that was available that day.  Mind you, there are only 6 to choose from.  My cousin visited it recently (which was a good 3 months after I went and there was only one change in donut selection).

If you are curious how the texture of a mochi donut would be like, it isn't as dense as you might imagine.  Rather, it is very similar to a regular cake donut except with the classic chewiness of mochi.  In some ways, it is lighter than a classic cake donut.   I took a sample of the featured donut during Thanksgiving being the Pumpkin Spice and yes it had all the fall flavors with a pleasant cinnamon and nutmeg kick.  I liked how it wasn't too sweet either.  I tend to like fruity desserts, so it wasn't a surprise that I was drawn to  the Strawberry Shortcake.  I guess it had a somewhat "Pocky"' taste to it, but I didn't mind.  The crunchy bits on top added texture and pop of tang.  One of the sweeter creations was the Cookies & Cream with cookie butter.  For me, this was too much sugar but I'm sure it would satisfy someone with a sweeter tooth.  Once again, the cookie on top added more texture to the donut.

I also very much enjoyed the Ube Glazed as it was simple and again, was only sweet enough.  I wouldn't say the ube was really all that strong, but it was definitely there.  I guess I just like simple donuts.  Although the Taro Pebbles was also a relatively sweeter donut, I didn't mind it as the crunch from the cereal was nice and I do love taro (although it wasn't very strong either).  Another relatively simple donut was the Matcha Oreos.  This featured a glaze like the strawberry and taro, but with the matcha, it did add some bitterness.  However, much like the other donuts, it was muted in flavour.  I really didn't get much Oreo either but I could see it.  Okay, I'll admit it, I enjoyed Dochi.  I would come back.  I would also eat other mochi donuts.  Fine, it isn't a fad.

The Good:
- Appealing chewy texture
- Not as sweet as it looks
- Good line control and plenty of product available

The Bad:
- Flavors could be even stronger


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