Sherman's Food Adventures: Chicken World

Chicken World

What comes to mind when one craves fast food fried chicken in the GVRD?  KFC, Church's, Hi-Five, LA Chicken and Win Win are some of the usual spots.  However, there is a place that has been around longer than Hi-Five and Win Win.  I first visited the original location of Chicken World in 2009 and came away with a "meh" feeling.  I never went back.  However, an ownership change a few years ago has completely changed the operation including an expanded menu.  Jacqueline and I recently visited that same location to sample the new and hopefully improved eats.

We dove right into the Fried Chicken featuring both regular and spicy.  If I had to make a direct comparison, the fried chicken was a cross between Church's and Hi-Five.  The chicken was juicy and tender while completely seasoned.  Well-rendered and crunchy, the skin was more like Hi-Five.  I found the spicy to be flavourful, yet not tongue-scorching.  Another option was their spicy Peri-Peri Chicken which was excellent.  Nearly as moist as the fried chicken, the peri peri was full-flavoured and had a good spice level.

In addition to the chicken, there was an array of burgers available including the Nashville Billo Burger, Gabbar Chicken Burger and BeWafa Beef Burger.  These were no small sandwiches, especially with the Gabbar and BeWara as they sported 2 patties each. Coated with a spicy glaze, the Billo burger had a good crunch and featured tender white meat.  With 2 fried chicken thighs, the Gabbar was enormous and filling.  I would say this is one of the best chicken sammies in town.  There was a nice char on the beef patties that offered up an appealing smokiness.  The meat was rather lean, so it was on the drier side.

To get a taste of the entire menu, we got 2 different flavours for the Wings including honey garlic and buffalo.  I'm not sure where they get their chicken, but the wings were massive.  Furthermore, the skin was rendered while the meat was moist.  I personally like spicy so the buffalo wings did it for me.  The most surprisingly awesome item was the Rice n' Spice featuring fried chicken atop basmati rice drizzle with house-spiced mayo.  So much flavour and texture.  This ate like a meal and was probably my favourite thing I tried.  

The more typical sides we tried included Onion Rings, Fries and Jalapeno Poppers.  I enjoyed the starch-coated fries as they were aggressively crunchy while retaining some potatoness inside.  Onion rings were equally crunchy.  The breaded poppers were tangy with some spice cooled down by the cream cheese filling.  Overall, I was quite impressed with the food at Chicken World.  For the price, it is also a good value, considering the size of the chicken and the sammies.  I would have to put Chicken World in the top 3 in the Lower Mainland at this moment (with Church's and Hi-Five, and no, not LA Chicken, I've had it recently and it wasn't as good as I had remembered).

*All food and beverages were complimentary*

The Good:
- Big pieces of chicken
- Moist and tender
- Expanded menu

The Bad:
- Paper plates could've been sturdier


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I used to live right near this place and ate there at least once month. It was solid back then, especially the spicy chicken, but I totally agree that the overall menu was lacking. The pictures of the fake food on the menu-board were hilariously unappealing, so I hope the new owners at least got rid of those. I really need to try it again.

Steve said...

Hi Sherman
How does Chickenworld's Billo burger compare with Downlow Chicken Shack's Nashville style chicken sandwich (which, I realize is about twice the price)?
Also, have you tried Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters yet?

Sherman Chan said...

@Steve DL is still the best IMO until I find a better one. I've tried MB, it is not even close. Follow me on IG, I'm going through all the chicken sammies in town!!!

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