Sherman's Food Adventures: Zubu (Metrotown)

Zubu (Metrotown)

With the lifting of restrictions and personally feeling comfortable in going out and doing things, we decided to watch Black Widow in the theatre rather than streaming it on Disney+.  After that, we needed nourishment and decided to hit up Zubu at Metrotown located in the old Jinya location.  We were able to score a table on the patio and hence had outdoor ramen.  I've done this before and TBH, even without Covid, it is a great way to eat ramen!

Before we got to the soup noodles, we started with an order of the Pan-Fried Gyoza served in a cast iron pan.  These were quite good featuring a thin dumpling skin that had good elasticity.  The bottom was nicely seared being uniform, crispy and caramelized.  Inside, the pork filling was tender and juicy with plenty of seasoning to stand on its own.  Of course, I still dunked it into the side of vinegar soy as it always gives it a nice tang.

Viv decided on the Crispy Chicken Ramen featuring chicken broth, thin noodle, crispy chicken, green onion, kikurage, bean sprouts, spicy soy sauce and itotogarashi.  This was decent with a somewhat silky broth that had enough inherent flavour.  It wasn't incredibly full of depth but it wasn't weak either.  There was a decent amount of al dente noodles as well.  The crispy chicken was crispy when not sitting in the broth.

The horrors of horrors, both kids got the Tonkotsu Kuro (lack of variety!!!) with pork broth, thin noodle, pork chashu, kikurage, green onion, crispy garlic, black garlic oil, crispy onion and nori seaweed.  Again, not bad as the broth had good pork flavour and it wasn't "watery" but it also wasn't full bodied either.  Completely serviceable, yet not memorable.  Noodles were good and the black garlic oil added umaminess.  

For myself, I had the Bone Marrow Ramen sporting beef broth, beef bone marrow, thick noodle, roast beef, green onion, kikurage and dill.  Frankly, this was a complete fail, especially for $22.50.  Look closely at the picture, there was NO bone marrow left.  Why even serve that???  Hence, the broth could not benefit from the fatty marrow and was completely flat with only a bit of dill essence.  Noodles were good but the roast beef was sliced too thick and was tough to chew.  I felt cheated with this and it didn't give me much inspiration to try the place again.

The Good:
- Serviceable food
- Fairly large menu with plenty of options
- Good service

The Bad:
- There is better ramen out there
- What was with that bone marrow ramen???


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