Sherman's Food Adventures: Parasio Mexican

Parasio Mexican

Making our way from Portland to Ashland (just past Medford) was quite the drive as it pushed almost 5 hours.  However, we wanted to get as close to the California border as possible.  Unlike my usual M.O. in collecting Marriott Bonvoy nights, I decided to stay at the Holiday Inn instead.  As such, there was a Mexican restaurant right next to it called El Paraiso.  Normally, I'm not one to hit up a place without any prior research, but we were tired and I just wanted nourishment.  So across the parking lot we went...

We started off with some complimentary tortilla chips with pico de gallo.  Yet, for me, that was not enough as I ordered the Queso Dip as well.  Yes, this also included the same fresh tortilla chips.  Eating them plain was already great as they were light and crispy.  However, dipping it into the pico de gallo and in this case, the queso, was even better.  At first, the dip was rather thin and milky.  However, as it cooled, it thickened and was a good compliment to the chips.  It was cheesy and not overly salty.

Not knowing that their portions are big enough to feed a football team, my son selected the Enchiladas Trio with one chile verde pork, one shredded beef and one crema blanca chicken.  Yah, look a the size of the plate!  Suffice to say he didn't finish this, but he came close (growing teenagers!).  His favourite was the chicken and beef as they were tender and there was plenty of it within the soft shells.  Good variety of flavours too.

For my daughter, she went for the Taquitos Plate consisting of 3 fried corn tortillas filled with shredded beef topped with sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, cotija cheese, tomatoes and onions.  She enjoyed these as they were filled with the same tender beef.  The fresh guacamole was a bit mild, but it was still good.  She liked the smooth refried beans on the side topped with shredded cheese.

Viv went for the Baja Fish Tacos with her choice of crispy fish.  It was dressed with cilantro, cabbage, chipotle ranch, cotija cheese, pico de gallo and lime.  These were decent with flaky fish that sported a crispy coating.  I would've liked to see bigger pieces of fish though.  The other ingredients meshed well with the fish providing crunchy, freshness and acidity.  Again, this was served with refried beans and rice.

For myself, I had the Macho Burrito with my choice of shredded beef, beans and rice topped with red sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and cotija cheese. This was absolutely massive!  I didn't finish it but I did like it.  There was plenty of beef inside with a good ratio to the beans and rice.  Loved the red sauce as it was flavorful with only a hint of spice.  Now you might be wondering why I am so positive about seemingly standard Mexican fare?  Well, I've had authentic Mexican food in Mexico and great Mexican eats in Socal.  The food I had at El Parasio isn't it.  However, it is good for what it is and well-priced.  We enjoyed our dinner and I would say it is a good spot to grab a dinner if you were on your way down I-5.

The Good:
- Large portions
- Well-priced
- Decent

The Bad:
- Not the best Mexican I've had, but good for where it is 



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