Sherman's Food Adventures: Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana

Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana

After back-to-back days of Asian food that included Japanese and Vietnamese (as well as some eats from the Anaheim Packing District), we decided to go for Neapolitan pizza out in Fullerton.  Just a quick drive out on N. Harbor Blvd, Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana was closeby to where we were staying near Disneyland.  Luck would have it, it was a Monday and their Margherita pizza was only $5.00!  Score! Also, with free parking at the back, this was super convenient.

If we had known that the foccacia that came with the Bufala & Burrata was essentially a pizza, we would've ordered differently.  However, that wasn't a big deal as the cheese was fresh including the creamy burrata.  It was accompanied by homemade pesto, fresh arugula and cherry tomatoes.  We added the prosciutto crudo di parma for good measure.  A really nice way to start the meal, but we were already getting full off our appie!

For our pizzas, of course we had the Margherita for the super low price of $5.00 (only on Monday's with a purchase of another pizza).  Although you can barely see it (maybe a bit on the edges), the bottom of the pizza sported nice leoparding.  Hence, there was a smoky nuttiness to the crust.  Most of the crust was crunchy, yet a bit too chewy, while the middle was tender.  I found the tomato sauce to be on the milder side.  Would've liked to see more tang and seasoning.  A good amount of mozzarella was on top, but we wished there was more basil (and that it was not cooked with the pizza).

Moving onto something with some toppings, we had the Funghi e Salsiccia featuring roasted mushrooms and sausage.  So essentially this was a Margherita base with the addition of the toppings.  Hence, all the qualities of the Margherita were present in addition to the woodsiness of the mushrooms as well as the meaty fattiness of the sausage.  Naturally, with these ingredients, the pizza ate more hearty and the center was a bit softer.

Our last pizza was also the grandest in terms of toppings.  The Quattro Salumi with prosciutto cotto, prosciutto crudo, sausage and salame.  No surprise as the base pizza was essentially a margherita once again.  This ate hearty and was a bit saltier due to the meats.  The crust wasn't any soft than the previous one, so it was mostly crispy.  Overall, we thought the pizzas at Fuoco were solid and pricing was reasonable.  Really nice people too.

The Good:
- Solid pizzas
- Well-priced
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Crust was good but maybe a bit too chewy
- Tomato sauce a bit too mild


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