Sherman's Food Adventures: BittyFish Sushi

BittyFish Sushi

Sometimes...  I choose where we dine, not necessarily on what is best, rather what we feel like and the novelty of it all.  While we were out in Lynnwood, we needed to get some eats as it was already past lunch time.  Sure, I could've been more creative and chosen something good and unique.  Instead, we went for something that we hadn't had for a long time - conveyor-belt sushi.  The place was BittyFish located right in Alderwood.  We went in with reasonable expectations and honestly, we were just hungry.

For those unfamiliar, conveyor-belt sushi is serve yourself from a conveyor-belt snaking its way around to each table.  All the plates on the belt at BittyFish are the same price at $3.69.  Other menu items vary in price.  We had a few things first including the Gyoza and Cucumber Salad.  Although sporting rather thick dumpling skin, the gyoza were fine and did the job.  Cucumber salad was crunchy and fresh but totally devoid of seasoning.  We got something from the menu in the Chicken Karaage for $7.00.  Chicken was juicy and tender, but each piece was greasy.

Our selection nigiri included Atlantic Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna, Tuna Toro and Tamago.  The salmon was okay being soft and fresh, but it was sliced pretty thin.  Mackerel was pretty typical.  Albacore tuna was a bit stiff and not as buttery soft as I would've liked.  Interestingly, we grabbed another tuna and it looked and ate more like toro (but wasn't labelled as such).  Nothing much to say about the tamago as it was the usual easy-made kind.

Our next selection of nigiri consisted of Coho Salmon, Hotate, Seared Salmon and Seared Tuna. Although sliced rather haphazardly, the coho salmon was quite good.  It was meaty with a natural sweetness.  Also cut rather oddly, the hotate was soft and sweet.  We thought the seared salmon to be okay with some sauce on top.  Would've liked to see some charring.  As for the seared tuna, it was pretty plain looking and needed something on top to give it color and flavor.

Onto the rolls, we had the Red Dragon Roll, Double Pepper Roll, Crunchy Crab Roll and Double Shrimp Roll.  Of these, I thought the red dragon was good due to the spicy tuna on top.  Also liked the double pepper as it had spicy crab salad with seared salmon on top.  The other 2 were okay, but I found the double shrimp to be lacking in flavour.  The crunchy crab did sport some crispy shallots on top.  All of them had pretty mushy sushi rice, which made them heavy.

Our last rolls were the Spider Roll, Philly Roll and Kinshi Roll.  We also got some Inari as well.  Spider roll was typical where the softshell crab wasn't exactly crispy anymore due to being on the conveyor.  Philly roll wasn't bad, had cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado.  I didn't mind the Kinshi as it sported tuna salad, crabstick and cucumber in a egg wrap.  Again, the rice made things rather heavy though.  Overall, the sushi at BittyFish was "ok".  It did what it was supposed to do for a reasonable price.  Naturally, we could've had better, more authentic sushi in Seattle, but then that is a totally different experience altogether.  Can't compare.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Good service
- Serviceable food

The Bad:
- Well, it ain't great sushi, but that isn't the point
- Some items were unavailable and we had to order them (but that isn't necessarily a bad thing)


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