Sherman's Food Adventures: Fish Cafe

Fish Cafe

Now most people know about Fish Cafe as it has been around for quite some time.  However, I haven't been back since 2015, so I couldn't tell you if it is still good.  That prompted us to visit the place on a whim without reservations.  We were lucky to score a table especially since it was the weekend.  The place is small and cozy with super reasonable prices for fresh seafood.  As I've mentioned in many of my posts, the cost of food is through-the-roof these days and finding reasonably-priced places is becoming increasingly difficult.  I believe Fish Cafe is one of those spots.

To start off, we went for something simple in the small Salad and a side of Garlic Bread.  Normally, I do not talk about green salads, but this one was pretty solid with fresh greens and a bevy of seeds and sprouts.  That garlic bread didn't look like much, but it as done right.  Nicely toasted with colour, the bread was soft and warm while the exterior was crispy.  Plenty of garlicky butteriness to go around.

If you've never had the Grilled Calamari at Fish Cafe before, you are truly missing out.  This has to be one of the best dishes in the city.  Most other places that do grilled calamari often do not establish any charring or crunchy bits.  At Fish Cafe, they accomplish this expertly featuring tender squid complete with caramelization and crispy charred bits on the outside.  The result is a textural delight as well as intense flavours.  I suggest you give this a try even if this is the only dish you have here.

However, there is more than squid here that is good as evidenced by the wonderfully prepared Blackened Swordfish with rice and garlic butter.  This swordfish was prepared masterfully where it was moist and flaky.  The blackening spices were flavourful without being overpowering.  The key to this dish was the delicious garlic butter.  The fact it was not completed melted meant that we could "spread" it onto each piece of fish.  It was impactful where the creaminess of the butter added texture while the amount of garlic provided an extra jolt of something something.  I'm not a huge fan of their rice, but it wasn't bad being chewy and seasoned.

Also couldn't resist getting some Grilled Scallops accompanied by fries and also garlic butter.  Considering the price, this was a generous portion of perfectly prepared scallops.  They were well-charred while still being buttery and soft.  Naturally sweet, there wasn't a huge need for too much seasoning (it was seasoned though).  Of course, we dipped it into the addictive garlic butter.  If I were to choose a side, the crispy fries would be it.  Much better than the rice in my opinion.  There was plenty of potatoey goodness beyond the golden crisp exterior.

I originally wasn't going to get the Clam Chowder, but decided to do so anyways.  Instead of a bowl, I went for the cup.  However, they essentially used a bowl and filled it a little more than halfway.  I wouldn't say this was especially briny, but the clams were definitely there.  I found the viscosity to be on point without being too creamy.  Veggies were softened, but not to the point they were melting away.  Overall, it was a good chowder and really, the rest of the food was excellent.  Considering the reasonable prices here for seafood, I would say this is one of the better deals in the city.  I am already planning my return visit!

The Good:
- Well-prepared and fresh seafood
- Reasonable prices
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Seating is tight
- Chef and staff interaction is cringe-worthy


AndylouC said...

This place looks great; it’s going on my list of restaurants to try! I have to ask… What was the cringe-worthy interaction you are referring to?

Sherman Chan said...

@AndylouC Yes, definitely go! Well, as for the awkward interaction, the chef was arguing with a staff member. He was actually quite rude. Was hard to listen to as we were sitting right near the kitchen. Food is good though and the staff are good. So this doesn't happen all the time?

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