Sherman's Food Adventures: Sirius Craving @ Coho Eatery

Sirius Craving @ Coho Eatery

For me, at least, Between 2 Buns rocks the best smash burgers in town.  For those unfamiliar, a smash burger consists of a ball of meat, "smashed" by either the spatula or cast iron weight into a thin patty.  This usually results in the patty being cooked quickly and develop some crispy parts (especially along the edges).  Now there is a new challenger in town with Sirius Craving and their smash burgers.  They are actually a food truck, but now have set up shop in the Coho Eatery in White Rock.  We stopped by to check it out after picking up some parcels in Blaine.

To get a baseline, we went for the Single Smashburger with American cheese, caramelized onions, Sirius pickles and Sirius sauce on a brown butter-toasted potato roll.  Now compared to many other smashburgers I've had including B2B, the beef patty here was significantly bigger and more fulfilling.  Usually single patty burgers are not substantial, but this one was.  Loved the crispy and aromatic edges, yet at the same time, the entire patty had crispy parts.

For myself, I had to get the Triple Smashburger with all the same goodies except with 3 large smashed brisket & chuck beef patties.  OMG, this was quite the burger!  I would say this satisfies even the largest of appetites.  Furthermore, ensure you have enough napkins because this was a "siriusly" messy concoction.  Everything about the burger worked including the soft buttery roll to the generous amount of beef with a load of sauce and tangy pickles.  However, the thing that put the whole thing over the edge was the impactful caramelized onions.

For our sides, I decided to go for the baseline again in the coated Sirius Fries with brown butter and sirius seasoning.  These were nicely crispy and full-flavoured.  For me, it tasted like I was eating pizza with a shot of Mexican spices.  There was some earthiness to go almost a cheesy nuttiness (but it was really the butter).  Although it was tossed in brown butter, the fries weren't incredibly greasy.

Then we also went for the Crazy Fries with Sirius fries, American cheese, caramelized onions, Sirius Sauce, and Sirius Seasoning.  So think of this as somewhat similar to In-N-Out fries "animal style".  However, these Sirius fries are way better than In-N-Out fries (even if you ask for them to be done medium-well).  Hence, the whole thing was pretty tasty with the same elements as the regular fries, yet smothered by caramelized onions, cheese and sauce.  So it was the same taste as the burger without the meat.  Overall, we thought the burgers here were every bit as good as B2B.  They are different, but great in their own way.  Would come back out here to eat them!

The Good:
- Large crispy beef patties
- Love the bun and the caramelized onions
- Nice spot with the view of the pier

The Bad:
- Would've loved something other than takeout containers, but we get why they use them
- Like any business on the Marine Drive, parking is tricky


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