Sherman's Food Adventures: Burger Crush

Burger Crush

So I finally made it out to Burger Crush located in the spot that use to house Johnny Rockets (really too bad as I actually liked the place).  They are originally from Victoria and offer up a simplified burger experience.  No bells & whistles according to their website, only burgers, fries and milkshakes (also some tofu nuggets...).  This is not the first burger chain to make its way into the Lower Mainland from Victoria, Bin 4 was the first.  

So I wandered into Downtown since I was already getting my hair cut nearby.  My son was with me and he didn't object to some burger and fries.  Usually, I'm a "more meat" kinda guy, but I went for the Single Cheeseburger as a baseline.  Well, I have to say that it was substantial enough that I really didn't need to make it a double.  The beef patty was thick and juicy with a good char on the outside.  It tasted beefy and combined with the LTOP, cheese and burger sauce, it was messy, but good.  The brioche bun was on point being robust enough to keep things together without being dense.

For a growing boy, my son really didn't think twice and had the Double Cheeseburger with all of the same fixin's but of course with 2 patties. Okay, this was really substantial and although he dusted it off, he did admit it was filling and he didn't need a third patty.  One of the biggest differences between this and the single was the bun-to-meat ratio.  He noticed the bun less than I did and it didn't keep everything in as successfully.  Hey not a bad thing because burgers are supposed to be messy!

Onto the sides, he had the single order of French Fries.  This was quite a lot of thin crispy fries and it could easily be shared amongst 2 people with smaller appetites.  As mentioned, they were crispy with potato texture left inside.  They were properly salted where he didn't even need ketchup. I would say that they were solid, but personally I still love McD's the best.

For myself, I went for the Crush Fries with fried onions, cheese and Crush sauce.  Okay, if these remind you of In-N-Out Animal Style, you would be correct.  I felt they were very similar, even down to the type of fries (albeit these were crispier and better than regular In-N-Out fries).  There was a lot of onions, but that was a good thing as it added sweetness.  My son thought these were better than the plain fries.  We also tried their Vegan Nuggets made out of firm tofu.  Honestly, I did not like these.  They were rather dense and pretty bland, but crispy.  I felt that if they seasoned the tofu more, it would've been better.  We got all the dips including Hot Crush, Sweet Crush, Herb Crush and Original Crush.  I thought the hot one had the most impact, but still, that didn't save these nuggets.

For his beverage, my son had the Chocolate Milkshake (that could be made vegan too).  He thought that it was pretty sweet and actually quite runny.  It wasn't necessarily a bad thing as it was easy to slurp.  However, it wasn't as creamy as he wanted it to be.  Overall, we thought the burgers at Burger Crush were on point with well-prepared patties, fresh produce and an excellent bun.  Fries were okay while the vegan nuggets were not good.  We'd come back for the burgers.

The Good:
- Excellent burgers with thick moist patties
- Simple menu that makes it easy to order

The Bad:
- Not a fan of those nuggets


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