Sherman's Food Adventures: Match Public Eatery (Pitmaster BBQ Menu)

Match Public Eatery (Pitmaster BBQ Menu)

Yes, here I am at Match Public Eatery again (specifically at the Delta location in Ladner) for their Pitmaster BBQ Menu.  Honestly, I look forward in coming out to Match and the last few times, it was on my own coin.  They have really good wings (came for their wing night last time) and their burgers are also on point.  This time around I was invited to try their Pitmaster BBQ Menu that features 2 unique wing flavours and also some fried apple pies.

To begin, before we got to the food, we tried 2 of the featured beverages from the Pitmaster BBQ menu.  We had the Tennessee Lemonade as well as the Spicy Rosé.  I really enjoyed the refreshing lemonade that featured Jack Daniels, triple sec, lemon-lime soda and lemon juice.  Even though it was refreshing, that didn't mean the alcohol didn't come through.  It really did!  As for the Spicy Rosé, it consisted of BASK rosé and fresh jalapeño.  This was light and had a bit of spice.  We mashed the jalapeño to get an extra kick.

Onto the food, we started with the Southern BBQ Wings with BBQ sauce, white lightning sauce drizzle, pickled onions, cornbread crumble and cilantro.  Like many times before, the wings were a decent size and fried until the skin was well-rendered and crispy (even with sauce all over it).  We found the sauce to be sweet with a bit of tang.  Not sure why I ate all of the cornbread "croutons" (because they filled my stomach), but I liked them. As for the meat itself, it was still moist.

We also had the other wings on the menu in the Nashville Hot Spiced Wings featuring a Nashville rub, sweet honey toast, coleslaw and sour dill pickles.  As much as the BBQ wings were good, these were really good!  First of all, since it was a dry rub, the skin was super crispy.  As for the rub, it was impactful with lots of spice.  It was smoky, tangy and sweet.  I would so have these again if they had them on the regular menu (on wing Thursday of course!).

Off to the main event, the BBQ Pitmaster Platter, it sported roasted half chicken with white lightning sauce, half-rack BBQ back ribs, farmhouse sausage, mac & cheese, pitmaster baked beans, coleslaw, jalapeño cornbread and pickles.  I thought the ribs were quite good being tender and moist with lots of BBQ sauce cooked right into them.  The sausages were meaty and well-seared.  The dark meat for the roasted chicken was quite good but the breast was predictably a bit dry.  Sides were quite good where the cornbread was fairly moist and that spiced butter was delicious.  Mac & cheese was not overcooked while bathed in a creamy cheese sauce.  Beans were tender with some bite left while being deeply sweet.  Fresh and crunchy, the coleslaw was a nice break from the heaviness.

Just for kicks, I added the BBQ Ranch Hand Burger (on my own coin) for good measure since I love their burgers (and it is featured on that menu too).   This did not disappoint with a well-charred burger patty that was still moist inside.  With the addition of cheddar, coleslaw, onion ring, pulled pork and spicy BBQ sauce, this was full-flavoured and robust.  The pulled pork was tender and nicely sauced (not sure why they didn't include it in the platter, it would've been good!) and provided a real jolt of flavour and texture.  The pretzel bun was firm enough to keep everything together without actually being too dense.  As for the fresh-cut fries, they were crispy and hot.  Really good.

Onto dessert, we were served the Crispy Apple-Cinnamon Hand Pies with vanilla bean ice cream and Kentucky bourbon caramel.  Oh man, this was absolutely the bomb!  It may of looked heavy, but the puff pastry was super light and crispy.  Inside, the apple filling was delicate, just sweet enough and equally tangy.  Yes, the creamy ice cream complimented this well and I could've eaten another order of this!  Overall, the Pitmaster BBQ Menu sports some pretty tasty eats.  I would've added the pulled pork into the platter since it was so good.  I think maybe just having BBQ chicken legs would've been more consistent in texture.

*All food and beverages were complimentary*

The Good:
- Dry rub wings were money (their wings are usually quite good in general)
- OMG those pies!
- Burgers are typically really good

The Bad:
- Chicken breast was dry


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