Sherman's Food Adventures: Come Il Latte

Come Il Latte

On my search for better gelato than the day before at Venchi, we made the 15-minute walk to Come Il Latte.  A little off from the most touristy areas of Rome, we figured this might be worth the time.  Their mission statement is that they only produce enough gelato for the day and everything is fresh.  Looking at the amount of people milling around on a weekday night, it sure seemed like they are doing something right.  Unfortunately, my phone camera didn't want to focus properly and I ended up with blurry pics...

We all ended up with a cup of gelato and my medio consisted of Stracciatella "Salvaderi" and Melone Sorbetto.  I could've had 3 flavours with the medio, but I stuck with these ones.  I thought the stracciatella was smooth and creamy with only a purposeful amount of sweetness.  The amount of chocolate shavings was adequate to provide some texture and extra flavour.  As for the melone, it had a good fruit flavour that was also only mildly sweet.

Viv had the piccolo and also had 2 flavours of sorbetto including the Limone and Guava.  These sorbettos were smooth and not icy (despite being comprised of ice) with enough sweetness to compliment the fruit flavours.  The limone was definitely tangy and had plenty of lemon kick while the guava was really the star of the show.  Lots of natural guava aroma and sweetness.

Naturally, my son went for the Chocolato Fondente as well as the Caramello Salato.  Compared to the 75% chocolate at Venchi, the chocolate here was dark but wasn't as intense.  However, that didn't mean it wasn't good though.  It still had an appealing bitterness balanced off by enough sweetness.  The salted caramel was pretty good too with rich smoky sweetness enhanced by salt.

My daughter went fruity as expected with the Fragola and Mango Sorbettos.  The strawberry was not bad but probably the weakest of the choices we had.  Not that it wasn't tasty, it just was the least impactful.  The mango was good with the usual tangy sweetness complimented by the unmistakable aroma.  Overall, the gelato and sorbetto was better than Venchi, but we had many more places to try in the week or so!

The Good:
- Natural flavours were apparent
- Smooth and creamy

The Bad:
- A bit out of the way of the touristy areas, a trek for some


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