Sherman's Food Adventures: Frigidarium


Continuing on my quest to find the best Gelato in the few days we were in Rome, it brought us to another highly-rated spot in Frigidarium.  It worked out quite well for us since we were dining at the nearby Osteria da Fortunata for lunch.  We made the short stroll over to the busy Via del Governo Vecchio to find a small lineup for the tiny gelato shop.  They have been around since 1988 and pride themselves on using a minimum of 50% fruit in their sorbettos.

I went ahead and got a medio with three flavours including Limone and Melone Sorbettos and Amarena Gelato.  Oh the fruit flavours really popped here with the limone being the most impactful of the 3 we've had.  This was very tart, but refreshing and natural tasting.  The melone was also very fruity with little bits of canteloupe strewn throughout.  It was on the sweeter side though, possibly from the ripe fruit.  As for the amarena, the vanilla base gelato was creamy and more rich than the other 2 I've had.  It was on the sweeter side, especially with the cherry preserve.

Once again, my son went for the Cioccolato Fondente as well as the Straciatella (probably with my influence the night before).  Once again, the gelato here delivered as he thought this was the best of the 3 he has tried so far.  The gelato was richer and thicker than the other two and the dark chocolate really came through with balanced bitterness.  As for the straciatella, it was creamy and rich while being sweet.  It had a good amount of chocolate shavings in it.

After some coaxing, my daughter relented and got a single flavour of gelato coated with chocolate.  She didn't get very creative as a result and had the exact same flavour as my son with the Staciatella.  Naturally, without the influence of the chocolate gelato (like in my son's order), this ate a bit sweet while being creamy.  Of course the abundance of chocolate on top made it sweeter.

Viv went for the Fruitti di Bosco Sorbetto as well as the Coffee Gelato.  She thought the mixed berry sorbetto was natural tasting as well as being a bit sweet.  She wasn't a huge fan of all the seed though as it broke up the texture too much.  She did enjoy the rich coffee gelato though as it aromatic and had a strong coffee hit and aftertaste.  Compared to the other gelato we've had so far, Frigidarium was our favourite.  Spoiler alert: this was our favourite of the entire trip (including more gelato to come after this post).

The Good:
- Natural impactful flavours
- Creamy texture
- They really load up the cup

The Bad:
- Fairly sweet


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