Sherman's Food Adventures: Neapolis Caffè

Neapolis Caffè

I considered not blogging about Neapolis Cafe because it was just a quick top for an American-style breaky on our way to our Colosseum tour.  So nothing sexy or interesting about the cafe other than the fact it was close to our hotel and conveniently along the route to our destination.  However, it was serviceable and really, would be handy for anyone to drop by for the same purpose.  So I finally decided to include this as a blog post.

So it was a relief to my son that he was going to have an actual breakfast rather than some pastry this time around.  He went ahead and got the Cheese Omelette with Prosciutto Cotto.  It came with a small smattering of rocket salad as well as panini-pressed white crustless bread.  Yep, this was pretty much a basic omelette that was not as overcooked as its appearance.  The inside was actually fluffy and filled with cheese and ham.  It did the job.

Viv decided to get the Salmon Omelette also served with a rocket salad and toast.  This was folded into a quarter circle and was also more fluffy inside than its outward appearance.  There was a decent amount of cold smoked salmon that was still buttery and soft.  That provided all of the flavour needed for the omelette.  We felt the rocket salad could've used more dressing (or was there even any?) because it was plain.

My daughter only wanted Pancakes and they looked a bit too uniform in terms of appearance and level of doneness on the outside.  So as a result, they weren't exactly fluffy, but they weren't chewy either.  They really put the cake in the pancakes in terms of texture as they were not airy.  Not a bad attempt and the addition of fresh whipped cream and strawberry made things look nice.

For myself, I had a Cheese and Prosciutto Panini that also had some arugula in it.  As you can see, this was super thin and really didn't amount to much.  But I wasn't super hungry and just wanted something simple and fast.  The bread was crustless and put in the press just enough that it was crispy but not crunchy.  Since it was so thin, the slice of cheese surrounded by 2 thin pieces of prosciutto was enough.

We also got some pastries to go including a Cornetti and a Chocolate Cornetti. For those who are unfamiliar, the "croissants" in Italy are sweet and made with eggs.  This one was no exception and in fact, had a sugary glaze on the outside (not all Cornetto have a glaze though).  I tend to find Cornetto to have a texture similar to brioche and this was exactly that.  Pretty decent, but the outside could've been a bit crispier.  As you can tell, nothing about Neapolis is super interesting.  However, it did the job and wasn't very expensive.  An option for those need to grab something early morning before whatever they need to do.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Serviceable
- Nice people

The Bad:
- Basic


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