Sherman's Food Adventures: Dot Sugar PDX

Dot Sugar PDX

You'd think after Khao Moo Dang and Oyatsupan Bakers, we'd had enough food right?  Well, you can't underestimate the quadruple foodie powers of myself, Jacqueline, Eileen and Roanna!  We quickly made our way across Beaverton to Dot Sugar PDX for some more sweets and dessert.  A quickly expanding chain, the first Dot Sugar opened in Jordan in 2018 and you can see some of the international influences on the menu.

In terms of influences, it is truly global as we tried their Churros with chocolate and pistachio dips.  Everything is made-to-order here, so it was a treat (sorry for the pun) to watch them extrude the churro batter into the hot oil.  These were fried up to a golden brown and dusted with cinnamon sugar.  I liked how fluffy they were inside (with a slight chew) while the outside was crispy and light.

We also tried their Lokmas (which are influenced by the Greek Loukoumades) topped with Lotus and pistachio sauce.  Yes, this looked to be sickingly sweet but not so.  In fact, I found the pistachio to be rather mild and aromatic.  Sure, the Lotus (Biscoff) was sweeter with its usual nutty caramelized flavor, but it wasn't crazy sweet either.  As for the lokmas themselves, they were lightly crispy and appealingly chewy.

Continuing on the same flavor theme, we had the Lotus Waffle.  With the combination of caramel sauce and Lotus Biscoff crumbs, this had a rich sweetness that was rather aromatic.  Now, as mentioned before, it was just sweet enough.  As for the waffle itself, the outside was crispy while the inside was fairly light with a slight chew.  

I also had the pleasure in watching them make the Chocolate Blueberry Pancakes.  They were made with precision and efficiency with each pancake cooked barely through.  Hence, they were super fluffy and light.  Once again, do not be alarmed at the amount of sauce.  This was more fruity than sweet with the blueberry coming through.  The pancakes themselves were quite mild-tasting.

The most interesting dessert (for a multitude of reasons) was the Pistachio Molten.  It was housed in a clear cylinder at first and when released, it became a puddle of sauce (with cake underneath).  Sure, it didn't look the prettiest, but I assure you, it was good.  The cake itself was firm, but held up to the pistachio sauce.  Due to the delicious sauce, this ate quite well despite its appearance.  In general, the stuff at Dot Sugar will be on the sweeter side, due to being a dessert shop.  However, it wasn't as sweet as I feared, so I actually enjoyed the things we tried.  I especially liked the Lokmas and the pancakes.

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this post*

The Good:
- Sweet, but not crazy sweet
- Textures were on point
- Sauces are delicious

The Bad:
- Well it is a dessert shop, so the predominant flavor is sweet
- The molten (after it is released) is not the most aesthetically-pleasing thing, but it tastes good 


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