Sherman's Food Adventures: Oyatsupan Bakers

Oyatsupan Bakers

Just fresh off an amazing lunch at Khao Moo Dang, we made our way to Beaverton and visited Oyatsupan Bakers.  This unassuming bakery in the burbs actually sports an expansive kitchen with an equally  spacious seating area (with high ceilings).  As the name hints, they specialize in Japanese baked goods as well as sandos and a few bonus deep-fried items.  There is also a selection of drinks to go with the aforementioned goodies.

Starting off with a set of pans, we had the Matcha Pan, Double Chocolate Melon Pan and Melon Pan along with a Castella Donut.  There was so much food on the table that I was only able to sample on of them being the chocolate pan.  It featured a crispy top giving way a light and airy sweet bread.  This was purposefully sweet with a good amount of chocolaty goodness inside.

Next set of pastries included a spinal puff pastry coated with icing sugar, Asian Pear Croissant Pastry and Kuri Issant.  Of the 3, I tried the spiral pastry and it was flaky and shattered beautifully.  It was buttery and only lightly sweet, despite the powdered sugar.  I also had the black sesame croissant and that was also semi-sweet with a pleasing nuttiness.  Once again, the puff pastry shattered when I broke the croissant apart.

We also had some savoury pastries including the Oyatsu Dog Jalapeno & Cheddar, Katsu Kare Pan and Sea Salt Roll.  Loved the spice and tang from the baked jalapeno that helped balance the salty hot dog.  Bun was soft with a firmer exterior.  The katsu pan featured a slice of tokatsu embedded in some sweet Japanese curry.  I loved this bun as it was loaded with flavor.

With the little googly eyes and a cute smile, the Chocolate Cornet Soldiers were tasty as well.  By now, I'm sure you have noticed the trend of the soft and pillowy texture of their breads.  This was no different as the outside was nicely golden-brown.  Inside, the substantial chocolate filling was just sweet enough to provide a dessert-like experience without being too sugary.

Moving away from pastries, we had some of their sandos including Tonkatsu and Egg Salad Sandos on Shokupan as well as their Silder Tonkatsu.  These were a good as they appeared with soft shokupan bread.  The egg salad was creamy and light while the tonkatsu was crunchy with tender pork cutlet.  With a thicker cutlet, the slider was more robust and the fresh crunchy slaw added some brightness.

A bonus item that arrived near the end of our visit to Oyatsupan was their Curry Beef Donut.  It was made-to-order and it was absolutely delicious!  The crispy outer layer was not greasy while the donut itself was soft and airy.  Oh that beef filling was to die for!  It featured large cubes of tender fall-apart beef dressed in a sweet and savoury curry.  I could've eaten a few of these if I wasn't already so full!

We ended off our visit with the Strawberry Cake featuring airy layers of chiffon in between fresh cream and strawberries.  This was ever-so-light and only marginally sweet.  Hence, it was easy to eat this quickly with only several bites.  Despite being quite full from lunch, we still had a good fill of goodies at Oyatsupan.  Things are definitely made with care and the flavours are well-thought-out.  A must visit if you are ever in the Portland area.

*All food and beverages were complimentary for this post*

The Good:
- Carefully and thoughtfully-prepared
- Unique
- Bright and open seating area

The Bad:
- Popular items sell out, so need to go early


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