Sherman's Food Adventures: WIld Child Pizza

WIld Child Pizza

As if our brunch at Zula wasn't enough food already (and the previous day's eating as well), we dropped by the NW Kearney location of Wild Child Pizza shortly afterwards.  For those who do not know, Wild Child Pizza features Detroit-style pizza that has a crunchy thick crust with equally crunchy cheesy edges.  It is a variation of Sicilian style pizza except it has usually more sauce over cheese and has a firmer exterior.  We were pretty excited to try them out and we got a good variety to sample.

To get a sense of the pizza in its most basic form, we got one half Pepperoni and the other half Cheese.  This allowed us to taste the marinara in its purest state.  It turned out to be a good balance of tangy, sweet and savory.  The big dollop on the cheese was enough to make an impact.  As for the pepperoni, it naturally had more of zesty taste due to the meaty spiciness.  However, we opted to add the hot honey and oh man, this really elevated the flavors with more sweetness and kick.  Highly recommended.

We moved onto some more complex flavours with a half and half of BBQ Chicken and Harissa.  Due to the BBQ sauce, the chicken pizza had the expected sweet, tangy and slightly smoky flavor.  We found the chicken to be moist while the onions added some sweet sharpness.  Possibly challenging the pepperoni as our favorite, the harissa was packed with hits of spice and earthiness. The butternut squash added such body and sweetness to the pizza, it really complemented the spices.

The next half and half featured the Maui Wowie and Pesto Chicken Ranch.  These were polar opposites but equally good.  Now we could've predicted the sweet and savory thing going on with the Maui Wowie, but the addition of jalapenos really kicked the pizza up a notch.  As for the Pesto Chicken, it was creamy and herbaceous with a jerk version of their tender chicken and also there was some bacon bits for good measure.

Our last pizza was the Loaded Baked Potato that you probably guessed had all of the expected toppings.  Hence it was carbs on carbs, but the bacon did all the heavy lifting adding a smoky saltiness.  I haven't talked about the crust yet and it was fantastic.  Sides were buttery and crunchy as well as the bottom (like a pan pizza).  However, the rest of the crust was soft with an appealing elasticity.  Overall, the pizza at Wild Child was the bomb.  Sure, it ain't exactly cheap, but each slice was filling an loaded with quality ingredients.

*All pizzas were complimentary for this blog post*

The Good:
- Flavorful pizzas with lots of toppings
- That Detroit-Style crust is so robust and crunchy
- It doesn't look like a lot, but it is filling

The Bad
- On the pricier side


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