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Greek Village

A favourite restaurant of mine is Greek Village in North Delta. Honestly, I don't have a lot of favourites out here, other than Taste of Singapore. I suggested it to Pomegranate and he loves Greek food, so it was all good. However food with lots of garlic would probably not be the ideal meal before a meeting. I'm not sure if I subconsciously did that as a prank or not...

Greek Village is right on Scott Road near 80th and it a neighbourhood favourite. In fact, one of my friends (who is Greek), raves about the place. I don't know about you, but I generally would trust the opinion of someone who is of that ethnicity in regards to any food. Mind you, it can also be argued that any one person can just have bad taste as well, regardless of ethnicity! The decor of Greek Village is similar to a lot of other Greek restaurants, lots of blue and white, columns and plenty of greenery. It's a comfortable dining room, spacious and you do seem to have some privacy. Service is friendly in a family-run sort of way - unpretentious and attentive. We were originally led to probably the darkest spot of the restaurant; but as usual, I requested to be moved to somewhere with light.

Looking at the lunch menu (I've only been here for dinners in the past), I realize that there was no roast lamb. I decided to go for another favourite of mine, the Moussaka. Before that, Pomegranate and I shared a Calamari. Crispy, lightly seasoned and easy to eat, the calamari was a great start to our meal. I loved the Tzatziki, it was thick, smooth and garlicky. The moussaka was plain excellent. A perfect amount of rich bechemal sauce covered tender pieces of eggplant and flavourful meat. It was the perfect consistency, being moist while maintaining it's shape and not being watery. The lemon potato was fork tender while still being firm. It tasted really good with lots of lemon flavour. The Caesar salad was fresh and not overdreshed. However, the rice was a bit on the softer side. It was not mushy; but just not as firm as I would've liked it. Pomegranate had the Beef Gyro and it looked quite good with plenty of meat and fillings nestled in a soft pita. The Greek salad looked really fresh and colourful.

The portions were adequate, but not as large as some other places. This is true for dinner as well, I think the portion is good, but doesn't compare to other places like Stepho's (but I guess Stepho's is an anomaly). Prices at Greek Village are reasonable for the portion size. However, the quality is quite a bit better than most other Greek restauarants. Food is fresh, perfectly seasoned and prepared. One strange thing is that they do have adequate parking spaces, but the spaces get filled up real fast, despite the restaurant not being full. I wonder people visiting other businesses in the complex are using their parking.

The Good:
- Food is fresh and prepared properly
- Service is friendly
- Comfortable dining space

The Bad:
- Despite other reviews, I find the portions not huge, just average
- Surprisingly, their parking lot fills up fast even though it is not small

Greek Village
7953 120th Street
Delta, B.C.

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Gino's at 431 E Columbia in New West? It's pretty the owner happens to be my friend...hehe

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